The Prisoner Workout. Be Strong and Gain Natural RIP Muscles For a longtime


The prisoner workout will be incomplete without a name like Charles Bronson. He has been regarded by many as one of the most notorious names in the history of men who served time in British jails. Charles Bronson was a man who never got discouraged by his prison life. Rather, He subjected himself to the most rigorous of exercises just to make sure he got the best of body building.

The Prisoner workout is all about taking advantage of whatever you find around you for your body building adventures as well as subjecting yourself to the extreme in this regards.

This article will be shedding more light on how you can implement the prisoner workout in your body building routines.

Highlighted below are various bodyweight exercises that can help produce outstanding results with regards to the subject discussed.

Push Ups

Charles Bronson happened to have written a mind-boggling book in the prison, and the book is entitled “Solitary Fitness”. As stated in this book, this fellow is capable of 2000 push-ups in a day.

This might appear impossible for anyone to achieve, but that is exactly what the originator of the prisoner workout warns against. He simply advises you to start with as little as possible. It can be as small as 10 push-ups a day. The main thing is that you should be determined to make progress, no matter how slow.

You must understand that the advantage of the prisoner workout is that it is an extreme form of exercising. You must be ready to push yourself to the extreme. Be willing to go that extra mile. It is more of having the right mentality than your physical display of energy.

Bronson claims that with the right mindset, you will be able to do just about anything. Remember, these are some of the things that have helped him become more like a superhuman. Moreover, if Charles Bronson is not known for anything today, at least he has been recognized as the man who has made the most number of push-ups in a particular day.

It will be good to know the different types of push-ups that Charles engaged in during his course of exploring the prisoner workout. These are the different kinds of push-ups he was involved in Hindu push-ups, Narrow / Wide placement, and One-armed push-up and Handstand push-up.

These were the push-up types that made all the difference for him. In other words, they can equally work for you. Below will be brief explanations on how these various push-ups can be properly executed.

Hindu push-ups

This is a kind of push-up that takes advantage of moving the entire body. This exercise is targeted at promoting flexibility and strength around areas like back, shoulders, hips and chest.

Narrow / Wide Placement

Just as the name implies, it is for you to position your hands apart in such a way that this particular push-up type will focus on various muscle groups in your body. This one is mostly useful for triceps development.

Handstand Push-Up

If what you are looking for is a push-up type that works magic on your shoulders, then this is your best bet. Before you perform this particular workout, you must first make sure you are in a handstand position. The next thing is to bend your elbows, and also ensure you lower your inverted body in the direction of the ground.

If you find it difficult at first to have this done perfectly, then you can assist yourself with a wall.

Pull Ups

Charles’ exercise success was not just limited to push-ups alone, as he was equally a man of pull-ups. It must be said that pull-ups are very useful when it comes to developing the biceps and forearms. You simply have no idea of how much pull-ups can help out in this regards.

Another beautiful thing about the prisoner workouts is that you do not need any particular location to have them executed. For your pull-ups, all you need is just a tree branch or even monkey bars. With these available, you are as good as ready to execute your pull-ups.

If you, however, want a more decent pull-up arrangement, then you could get yourself a pull-up bar that will fit perfectly into your door frame. It goes for as low as $30. This is why most folks are doing everything to make sure they tag along with the prisoner workout. This is because it costs almost nothing to have your body built.

Similar to the push-ups, there are a variety of pull-ups that you can try in order to make this really useful. These are some of the pull-up types that helped Charles Bronson in his days within his cell space: Chin-up, Commando pull-up, Mixed-grill, Narrow / Wide grip, Towel pull-ups and Typewriter pull-ups.

Illustrated below will be the various pull-ups and how you can have them rightly performed.

Chin Up

This pull-up type is done to develop your biceps by placing your hand in a chin-up position.

Commando Pull-Up

Have an underhand and overhand grip on the bar, and pull your head to either side of the bar. It is as simple as that, but it works very well on your biceps.

Narrow / Wide Grip

This one is quite similar to its push-up counterpart. It is equally done to focus on the various muscle groups in the arm. It can be achieved by placing both grips on the bar far from each other.

Towel Pull-ups

Hang two towels on the bar and have each of them pulled by each of your hands. This one is mostly effective for building grip strength.


The squats can be easily undermined by anyone who does not know anything about the prisoner workout. This is because it looks very simple to perform yet it is one of the most efficient workouts as it regards having your hamstring, inner thighs and hips developed.

Like the other prisoner workouts, there are also various types of squats, and that is what you are about to be exposed to.

Prisoner Squat

This can be performed by placing your hand behind your head. Next, you squat until your thighs are below. Finally, Come up.

Add Weight

This can be easily performed by getting any kind of object you can find in your environment. After carrying the object, raise it to your shoulder level and squat with it. This is a winner because it works most of the time.

Squat Jumps

To begin with the squat jumps, you have to first be in the position of a prisoner squat. The only difference is that when you get down, you jump right up as high as you can. This one is about exploring your energy burst. You can repeat the process for as many times as you can. The more times you are able to repeat the process, the better.

Pistol Squats

You must be excellent at this point with the prisoner workout before you can attempt to try this one out. It is all about having a full squat with one leg. You stick out the other leg, even as you are in your squatting position. You take the shape of a pistol when doing this particular workout.

It is a very difficult workout type. It will take you weeks, if not months to master the pistol exercise. Nevertheless, it must be stated that this is an exercise type that differentiates the boys from the men. If you must get to the top of your exercise routine, then you must aspire to make the pistol squats one of your regulars.

Possible Side Effects with the Prisoner Workout

There is always two sides to every coin. That is why anything that has advantages must equally come with disadvantages, even though they may not be in the same measure. Side effects like broken wrists should be strictly guarded against. This can only be experienced, however, when you are dealing with weights that are way beyond your category.


For those who not only love to engage in bodybuilding but also would love to get it done at an almost zero cost, the prisoner workout will be such a healthy option. This form of exercise may already appear so extreme and unachievable to you, but you do not have to focus on that. This is because if you focus on the extreme nature of this type of workout, you can hardly get anything done. You must understand that for you to make advancement with this workout style, you must focus on progress and not perfection. In summary, the prison workout simply affirms that there are no excuses for those who are truly determined to develop their strength and muscles.

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