High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Weight Loss. Burn Fat Fast – Beast Mode ON!


Health advisers and fitness experts always recommend the use of exercises as a way of promoting a much healthier and balanced lifestyle. The significance of exercises to your general wellbeing cannot be taken for granted in any way. This is why so many individuals are turning to the use of exercises for ensuring a healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays, keeping fit has gone beyond just trying to exercise. It is now an issue of making sure the exercises are maximized for a much better impact on health. This ongoing trend is what will provoke the discussion of what it is all about.

What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are training techniques that are regularly conducted or performed within certain time intervals. They are usually done in this manner so as to ensure maximum effects of the exercise. It can be either referred to as Sprint Interval Training (SIT) or High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise (HIIT).

One of the ways of actualizing a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is by following an intense exercise with a light form of exercise. There are no stipulated time interval between both exercises. The interval should depend on the fitness level of the individual.

A much-advanced way of having the this exercise done is by performing the exercise in three stages, with each stage followed by a less intense exercise. This way, you will be able to make the most of your exercise routines.

This type of training is always advised as it helps to burn sugar in your body much faster than your regular day to day exercise. These exercises are characterized by their aerobic nature.

However, it must be stated that these exercises are not very effective in improving bone mass and muscle building. It is mostly meant to ensure a seamless flow of blood around the body as well as proper functioning of the heart.

There have been various principles put forward by different scholars in the field of research to help explain this phenomenon. Described below will be the different versions of the exercise.

Peter Coe regimen

This was a High Intensity Interval Training that was first used in 1970 during an athletics game. It is mainly made up of short recovery periods. It was an exercise plan that was simply put together by an athletics coach named Peter Coe. He formulated this exercise plan for his son whose name is Sebastian Coe. This training type was based on the principles that were proposed by a German coach together with a certain Swedish psychologist Pet-Olof Astrand.

During these sessions, Sebastian Coe was asked to make fast 200m runs with 30seconds of rest in between each runs. It was also observed that Coe performed much better than his previous performances every time they tried this version of this training. In other words, a high amount of success was recorded with the Peter Coe Regimen.

Tabata Regimen

This was a HIIT type that was introduced in 1996 by a professor called Izumi Tabata. It was initially used with speedskaters that have Olympic experience. This exercise made use of very intense exercise type with 10 seconds of rest. This was done in 8 complete cycles (4 minutes).

It was later gathered by Tabata that athletes who adopted this method of training for four days with an extra day of steady-state training, was found to improve like their counterparts who used 5 days for normal steady-state training.

Gibala regimen

This version of HIIT was put forward by a research team at McMaster University. This research team has been trying to unravel more as it concerns this type of training for several years.

In 2010, they decided to try out something. They designed an exercise plan which was in the following format: start with a 3 minutes warm up, followed by 60 seconds intense exercise and finally, a 75 seconds rest is observed. This was repeated for about 4 minutes.

It was later concluded that people who did this training 3 times a week performed much better than their counterparts who performed steady-state exercise 5 times in a week.

Zuniga regimen

An assistant professor at the Creighton University, Jorge Zuniga was all of a sudden determined to see how the highest amount of work in relation to the amount of oxygen consumed can be gotten within the shortest possible time. This was what informed the basis of his research.

He was able to discover that observing 30 seconds rest between exercises brought about the longest VO2 consumption.

This Activity type was later tested on one of his students who happened to be in the army, and the rate of success was quite high when compared to the results obtained in the past.

The focus of this post is not going to be limited to the various types of High Intensity Interval Training, but it will equally shed more light on some of the benefits you stand to gain when you engage in such training.

Briefly discussed below will be some of the benefits of the H.I.I.T.

Highly Efficient

The High Intensity Interval Training is regarded as a super-efficient means of having some exercise done. This is because it can be done even with the busiest of schedules.

Take, for instance, someone who wants to do a quick walk during lunch time, all you have to do is walk fast within a certain time frame and reduce the pace during another time frame. This is what this exercise plan is all about. It will surprise you to know that this is far more efficient than a jogging exercise.

Burn More Fat

It might come to you like a bit of a surprise that this training type works like a charm when it comes to burning excess fat. This is because 24 hours immediately after you are done with your Activity, your body is sent into hyper action. This action will eventually cause your body repair cycle to function faster than a normal exercise would have done.

Healthier Heart

The High Intensity Interval Training is known by its aerobic nature. This is because of the high rate of metabolism that it results too. For some other people, it is very difficult to attain this height during their normal exercise. Hence, with an aerobic activity, your heart is supposed to function much better.

If you want to be guaranteed a better working heart then you must try to incorporate the High Intensity Interval Training as part of your exercise plan.

You Don’t Need Anything Extra

Unlike most exercise routines, you do not need any special equipment to get this one going. You can actually do it with nothing. Biking, jumping and rowing, these are all excellent means of performing HIIT. All you need is just to ensure you have your perfect game plan, knowing when to go intense and knowing when to have a rest. These are the basic things that are required to execute the HIIT.

Just so you know, trying to make use of an equipment can reduce the effectiveness of this training type. This is because this training is supposed to focus on your heart and not in your muscles. Hence, making use of any type of equipment can just defeat the purpose of the entire program.

Weight Loss Technique

The High Intensity Interval Training is very effective when it comes to helping you actualize your weight loss dreams. With this, you can have it done without breaking a sweat.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Possible Side Effects

You will hardly experience any side effects with the High Intensity Interval Training. It has been rightly stated above that as long as you stick to the rule of this exercise type, you are just bound to experience a boost in your health. It does this by improving the way your heart functions

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion of the above, you must have discovered that the importance of the High Intensity Interval Training cannot be taken for granted in any way. It focuses on improving your wellbeing by enhancing the activities of your heart. It is also responsible for improving the cardiovascular fitness of adults within the age bracket of 18 – 45, and equally effective in handling metabolic diseases like high blood pressure. Observing the High Intensity Interval Training is the simplest way to ensuring a balanced lifestyle as it does very well to make sure your heartbeat rate is always at normal.

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