The Effectiveness of Skyflakes Diet Plan for Natural Weight Loss


For those who have always looked for various ways of having their weight reduced without having to go through other stressful means, they can always turn to options like the Sky flakes Diet. Have you heard of this term in the past and you have no idea of what it is all about? Or perhaps you have never heard of the term before now.

If you fall into any of the above-mentioned categories of people, then this post is solely for you. This is because this article will be helping you with all the information you need to know as it regards Diet. A careful read is all you need to get a full grasp of the subject and effectively apply it as a weight loss strategy.

The Term Sky Flakes

Before we talk about having the Diet as an effective weight loss strategy, a good place to start from will be to know what the cracker is all about. With this, it will be a bit easy to have it implemented in our diet.

More like the most favorite cracker you can ever find in the Philippines. It is so popular among Filipinos that you can almost find it in any home you enter. It has been widely accepted by most Filipinos since it was first produced in 1960.

Most people have fallen in love with the cracker for obvious reasons. One of such reasons is that it can maintain its crispy nature for a very long time. While another reason is that it can also be used as a perfect appetizer, just as it is a good snacking item. It has been so loved that some are ready to have it in exchange for potatoes or rice during the course of their meal.

The bakers are not equally left out in the use of the cracker as it is very useful in making baking dreams a reality.

Monde M.Y. San Corporation has almost become a household name in the Philippines because they are the ones solely responsible for the production of the cracker. In addition to it, they are also known to produce Fita biscuits. This is a company that started very small, but has turned out to be a big name today because now have a enormous customer base. It should be known that it can be found in countries of the world like North America, Canada, New Zealand, Middle East, Oceana, and Australia.

The Different Flavors the cracker

The fame of the product actually started with a particular flavor known as Sky Flakes Classic. At that time, this was the only variety of the product that was available. However, this seems to have changed with time as more varieties of the product have been put forward to the market since then.

The most striking thing is that even with the introduction of more Sky Flakes products into the market, customers seem to prefer the Sky Flakes Classic more than any other flavor. That is not to say the new flavors have not been loved. They were equally loved by customers.

SkyFlakes Chocolate and condensada were varieties that were very popular among kids and teenagers. This is because those are sugar-based products. One is made with sweetened milk, and the other is made with chocolate. While the flavors above are mostly associated with kids and teens, adults seem to identify more with flavors such as SkyFlakes Cheese, and Onion & Chives. For those who were particularly health conscious, they found it safer to consume flavors like SkyFlakes Flaxseed, Oat Fiber and Omega 3.

The Main Ingredients

Getting informed about the kind of ingredients used in the production of the crackers will be most rewarding at this point in time. These are some of the varieties and their ingredients. The original flavor makes use of ingredients like: sugar, iodized salt, baking soda, hydrogenated coconut & palm oil, wheat flour, and yeast.

SkyFlakes Garlic in addition to the ingredients mentioned above uses flavoring, minced garlic, raising agent (E500) and Hydrolyzed soya protein. Sky Flakes Chives and Onions contains chives (1%), minced onions (2.4%), onion powder (0.4%), and garlic powder in addition to the above mentioned ingredients.

Nutrition Facts About the crackers

It can be very tasty, and it equally comes with a highly controlled amount of nutrients. A 25g pack size contains 3 crackers, and it contains 5g of fats with 4g of it as saturated fats, 2g of fiber, 170mg of sodium 2g of protein and 16g of carbohydrates. You can also get Vitamin C (2%) and iron (10%). For those who are really health conscious, it will interest you to know that Sky Flakes contains no sugars, no cholesterol, and no trans fat.

SkyFlakes and Contained Calories

With just one pack of the cracker, you are expected to get up to 120calories. Nevertheless, for the breakdown of calorie, it will be 53% carb, 37% fat and 10% protein. With this, you can quickly conclude that SkyFlakes is actually a very healthy diet to observe.

Effectiveness the Diet

It is not only found in the regular diet of most Filipinos, but it is also a regular item in parties and other social functions. That is why it is not surprising to see guest been offered Sky Flakes during a social event like: afternoon snack, afternoon tea, school parties, birthday parties, funerals, wakes, birthday parties, office meetings, etc.

It makes more sense when the crackers is served along with tea. Students who are not so buoyant financially, find SkyFlakes to be most rewarding because all they have to do is have a single pack of it in their bag, and they are ready to go. For those who are watching their weight, it actually plays a great role in helping them curb their urge to eat more than usual. This is because just one pack is enough to take care of your snack needs.

Then those who are just trying to recover from one disorder or the other, they are usually advised to take SkyFlakes until they are confirmed fit by their doctors. Not forgetting those who have one form of stomach or digestive disorder, having SkyFlakes can be very useful during this period.

If your intention is to lose weight without knowing it, then you can make use of SkyFlakes as a means of crash dieting. That is to say; you can have it during your dinner time. When you do this, you will be greatly amazed at the results. Nevertheless, you are advised to go on such diet with the supervision of a nutritionist or a medical advisor since it is considered as a highly low calorie diet.

Recipes of this amazing crackers

Are you thinking of making SkyFlakes part of your meal plan? These are some of the options that can help you out in this regards:

  • Sky Flakes Tuna – have 1 can of Tuna Flakes opened in water. Then go ahead and cut the flakes into smaller pieces. Have it mixed in low-fat mayonnaise. Add little amount of sweeteners if you want it to be a bit sweetened. Add little pepper and parsley flakes. Have some scooped into a small bowl. You can use this as your dip for your crackers while you keep the rest in an airtight container.
  • Sky Flakes Tuna Nuggets – endeavor to mix the following very well: one of Tuna flakes crumbled SkyFlakes crackers (2 packs), some flour (2 tbs) and 1 egg. You can now have the mixture seasoned with salt and pepper. Shape into nuggets or patties and fry in oil. Finally, you can now consume or have it alongside with dips

SkyFlakes Possible Side Effects

There is really nothing to worry about when you are observing the Sky Flakes Diet except for the fact that it is best when it is taken under the supervision of a professional, especially when you are taking it for weight loss purposes. Overall, it is a safe diet that works very fine for just about anyone.


As a way of concluding all that has been said above, it is quite obvious that the SkyFlakes Diet is particularly useful to different groups of people. This is what has made it so popular amongst its consumers. You also discovered that in addition to its weight loss benefits, that it can also be used for other interesting things. The SkyFlakes Diet also comes in a variety of flavors, another reason why so many people seem to be identifying with it in recent times. You cannot afford to be left out on this one, take full advantage of SkyFlakes Diet and enjoy all the benefits that come with.

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