Understanding The Basics of Paleo Diet Plan For Weight Loss. Proper Foods List and Meal Plans Reviews


In the global world, people are becoming more conscious about health in turn which makes them to concentrate on their food plan. The Paleo diet Meal Plan which is nothing but early humans appetite or cave man food or hunter-gatherer meal or stone age meal plan, the kind of food our ancestors had 10,000 years ago. Paleo is something related to ancient food. This consists of easily hunted just like meat, fish and all seafood and food that can be easily found like fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, eggs. Back to then our ancestors only had raw food; they used to eat food as it is as they hunted. No dairy, no legumes and cereals and no cultivated or processed food. Some include raw dairy, which is then called NEO PALEO DIET. The meal plan is one of the most popular and followed meal plan in most of the countries such as United States, Canada and other countries in Asia like Philippines.


The edge of this is no processed food which itself says healthy body, in turn, healthy mind. In the modern economy people have no time to cook their own food and so mostly depend on canned and bagged foods which have mostly added preservatives which lead to bad health, maybe not immediately but like slow poison. The annoying fact is people are becoming obese because of the intake of the kind of genetically modified food, obese is considered as a disease by Who, and over to that, it is said most of the parasites are being carried by food and food products. It’s time to change the eating habits of modern man, it’s time to get healthy and fit. This is best suitable for people who suffer from heart diseases and who suffer from obesity. There are number of diets like vegetarian diets, low carb diets, weight control diets and so on, but paleo is on top of all because of its uniqueness.

It is also popularly known as hunter-gatherer diet it doesn’t literally mean to hunt your own food but just mean to switch to grass fed animals meat instead of poultry raised and organic fruits and vegetables which are free from chemicals, wild caught fish, and seafood. Poultry raised meat is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and lower in omega-3 fatty acids which affect the metabolism of the body. It also says eat your food not to drink your food which means no to carbonated sodas, milk, tea, coffee just drink water after few days you will learn neither carbonated drinks nor fruit juices relieve your thirst. Water also plays a significant role in this food plan rather than drinking mineral water which filters all the valuable minerals, go for the healthy water which has all minerals. Do not take vegetable oils; they are extracted using poisonous solvents, in place of vegetable oils some of the oils like olive all and flax seed oil can be included. Eliminate grains completely especially gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley. Sugar and the food that is made by adding sugar don’t have space in it. Intake of sugar causes metabolic dysfunction, elevated sugar level, obesity. Anything that is made with flour such as bread, pastries, donuts are also not under the diet. The meal plan is only not all about food but also includes exposure to the sun which forms vitamin D3 in the body and more physical exercise rather than conserving the energy in the body.


Adapting this is little difficult but as the days pass by and by the change you see in your body make it easy and becomes the part of life easily. These meal are rich in nutrients and free from toxins which make way to better health. It is rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, balanced omeaga-6 fatty acids and nutrients which help in muscle building, rejuvenating cells and improves immunity power. Unlike all other meal plan, Paleo diet doesn’t ask you to kill your hunger and eat less, it’s all like eating sumptuous food but which is all useful to the body. To start with this diet is nothing hard just make your body slowly get used to, rather than sudden switch. Following Paleo plan needs a lot of planning and one must be mentally prepared. First, start with Paleo breakfast and then slowly move on to lunch with paleo menu and finally dinner. You can notice a big difference in how you feel each day. Over to that, you have to stop labeling for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it creates boundaries. The terminology like breakfast lunch and dinner differentiate from items you have to eat when and at what time, there is no such rule like poached eggs shouldn’t be included in dinner, and fresh bacon shouldn’t be taken for breakfast.

The above mentioned are the some of the foods that are included in the paleo diet. Even vegans can follow this easily as they have more options. It doesn’t mean that you should eat everything raw but just to avoid extra fat intake in the form of oil. Slow cooking and cooking on steam is the main advantage of it. There are various cookbooks on Paleo recipes which you can try without getting bored of same meals again and again. You can find Paleo recipes in various youtube channels too.


  • Cheese
  • Dairy
  • Dairy products
  • Powdered milk
  • Coke
  • Carbonated sodas
  • Fruit juices
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fatty meats
  • Salty foods
  • Cookies
  • Fries
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolates

The above mentioned are the foods that to be cut off from the menu and regular meal plan. Though alcohol is eliminated but sometimes red wine is the closest option you can have.

Though there is no scientific evidence on what our ancestors ate but they ate what was available and found at that time and meals which is close to nature, as there was no civilization. Scientific research has been done on the Paleolithic plan and some of them are published in journals. Most of the published journals are from the research done on human beings. From the published journal’s it’s very clear that following the plan have tremendous benefits.

Some of the Advantage and benefits

  • Helps in balancing blood glucose levels
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces the cholesterol level in body
  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Glycemic control
  • Helps in increasing metabolism
  • Acne problems can be reduced
  • Maintains healthy ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids

No serious side effects are seen while following the meal plan and more over improvement in the health of the body is seen. Most of the athletes are also following it.

The main advantage in following this is the support you get from fellow users. There are many Facebook pages, youtube channels and online communities and blogs that support this, which you won’t find in any other plans. They not only give support but also explain easy ways to follow this diet, without any difficulty. Though it is impossible to have what our ancestors exactly what our ancestors had, but we can try from whatever we can get which is close to the plan menu.


  • Cutting dairy from the menu which is the primary source of calcium may be worrisome because calcium plays an important role in strengthening bones, but we can replace dairy with other calcium-rich such as sesame seeds. Sometimes we can add little yogurt in the menu which is not harmful.
  • Losing too much weight may down-regulate thyroid function to save energy, which may lead to Hypothyroidism. Avoid this by eating larger amounts of vegetables to keep your carbohydrate levels up. Because of high protein intake from it, it may also lead to constipation, but you can overcome this by eating fiber rich paleo fruits and vegetables. However long term side effects are not seen.

In practice it is not suitable for all, if someone is suffering from long-term illness, then it’s better to consult the doctor before starting to follow this diet, as they may feel fatigue and irritability.

Conclusion of Paleo Diet Plan Reviews

Before we finish our reviews with this weight loss strategy, it is highly advised to know the Good and planned diet and lifestyle make good health. The meal plan combined with exercise and proper sleep is best of all meal plans. People following are experiencing improvements in the metabolism of the body. It is the best meal plan that keeps people healthy and lives long. To get rid off dirty weight and to be fit and healthy follow paleo style eating. At first, people may ask why are you following the paleo diet, but later they will ask how you did it.

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