Top 10 Best Vegan Diet Food Delivery Services in Metro Manila Philippines


Getting food delivered to your location is not new in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, it is so common that some companies charge nothing for carrying out such services. However, while some carry out their services free of charge, others may cost only a little token for going through the stress of bringing your food to your doorstep.

Are you thinking of how to engage the services of one of such companies and you do not know how? Or you are not familiar with the companies that can serve you reliably in this regards?

Whatever your choice is, as long as it regards Vegan Diet Food Delivery Services in Manila you have come to the right place. Just read carefully, and you will have all the information you need to get in touch with a reliable company.

What is Vegan Healthy Diet Food Delivery

The most successful businesses in food delivery in the Philippines now incorporate a very important factor into their service, and that is the element of a healthy diet. It is also a good thing to note that you can now request for a complete meatless food, that is a vegan diet. Hence, if you happen to be a vegetarian, your needs are also fully covered in their services.

So, therefore, vegan, healthy diet delivery is simply all about having vegan diet delivered to you in the best ways possible without compromising your health in any way.

Vegan Diet Delivery Services in Metro Manila

It is not enough for you to know about vegan diet or vegan diet delivery services in Metro Manila. This is because there are delivery services that are very reliable in this regards while others are yet to really make any impression on the minds of their customers.

Hence, if you want a healthy vegan diet brought to your office, home or hotel accommodation or anywhere in Manila then described below are some of the names that can guarantee you best service delivery.

1. Humus Elijah Philippines

This is a service delivery company that is well-known for their friendly Mediterranean cuisines. You cannot miss their office because it is very visible when you get to 7850 Makati Avenue in Makati district. You can always get what you want when you make a request during most parts of the day, as long as it is within 9 am to 3 am. As a vegan, you don’t have any worries when ordering from Humus Elijah, because most of what they serve are 100% vegan-loved.

2. Agico Vegetarian Café Philippines

For the Agico Vegetarian Café, you can actually make a choice between two locations. These locations are in Greenhills and in Makati. These outfits are well known for their Japanese foods as well as their various vegan delicacies. With P158 you can get yourself a very healthy Gyoza, while seaweed rolls go for just P258. With P238, you can get a salad with goji berries, fig, mushroom and some other fruits. The Agico vegetarian café provides you with nothing but organic greens. Depending on which of the offices is closer to you, you can decide to contact either of them for your home or office delivery.

3. The Vegetarian K Philippines kitchen

This outfit is simply located at the Mother Ignacia parts of Quezon City. At this place, you can be sure of excellent Asian and Italian dishes. Just for starters, you might want to try their meatless meatballs and vegan spaghetti. They are so many delicacies you can get from this place like Malunggay Lasagna and tomatoes, meatless Bibimbap, etc. you do not want to waste any more time before you hit such places and wet down your vegan appetite.

4. EdgyVeggy Philippines

This is simply a delivery service that is 100% vegan focused. If you are within the Ortigas, BTC and Makati areas, then you will be serviced for free. If you are, however, stationed out of these locations, then you will be charged a little token. Here, they have some vegan delicacies that will leave you speechless. Some of them are chunky tofu, vegetables and vegan bagoong and the most famous LASKA rice.

5. V Kitchen Philippines

V Kitchen is just excellent in their vegan options. This is because they have more tasty options than you can ever imagine. You have to bear one thing in mind about this place though, and that is the fact that you need to make your order at least 3 days before time so you don’t get disappointed. You can send orders through phone by using voice or SMS. They can also be reached through their Viber platform.

6. LunchBox Diet Philippines

This is another delivery service that will beat your imaginations as a vegan. You will be well pleased with what they have on their menu. Their delivery services are not restricted to your home, as they can equally deliver to your offices. Most people really fancy their servings because it is a mix of crabs, vegetables, and proteins. There is one other thing that comes with the lunch box diet, and that is the fact that their foods are always fresh since they are mostly made just before delivery. If you live in the Greater Manila area then your delivery will be at zero cost.

7. Healthy Food Manila Philippines

Healthy Food Manila simply deliver their foods on a daily basis. You can get a meal of 1200 calorie from p370 upwards, and that does not include delivery fee. You need to check out their site to see what they have on their menu listings. You can pay as much as p50 for your delivery; it depends on your location. If you are a vegan, then you will need to specify when you place your orders.

8. Paleo Manila Philippines

Paleo Manila are unique in their services. This is because they have a way of meeting all your requirements. Just tell them how you want your food, and you can be rest assured of their 100% compliance. They have a remarkable offer which is the 6 months advanced ordering for the Paleo+. It goes for P78000, and with this, you can expect very healthy servings within the period of 120 days

9. FitFood Manila Philippines

With FitFood Manila, you should always expect your food freshly delivered. This is because they make their deliveries on a daily basis. You can check out their Facebook page for their menu list. You can get a 5-day meal plan for just P1850. You can simply place an order on their website and make your payment through bank deposit or credit card. It is as simple as that. They actually cover areas within the Metro Manila Districts.

10. Fitness Gourmet Philippines

with Fitness Gourmet Philippines, you need to place your orders at least 5days before the requested date. Their 5day meal plan costs P1800. This 5day meal plan entails that you get 4 meals daily. If you are a vegan then you will need to specify during your order. There is really so much for you to try with such an outfit, and you can hardly wait to taste the nature of their various vegan delicacies.

These are just some of the top places you can visit or request your orders from when it comes to providing you with the best as it concerns vegan diet services. All you need to do is identify with the one that is closest to you and have yourself filled, in a vegan way.

Possible Side Effects

Vegans may experience slight side effects like malformed red blood cells when they are observing a proper vegan diet plan. However, you can correct this by adding vitamin B12 supplements to your food. The diet is by all standards a very healthy type of food hence, taking it along with such supplements is worth all the effort.


In conclusion of the above, a lot has been said about vegan food delivery services. Now you understand that not all companies actually live up to expectation in this regards. However, if you want quality and reliable service, then you can get in touch with any of the above names. The vegan diet is a very healthy food and as such, you need to get your orders from those who know how to do it right. Get in touch with any of these outfits today and be thrilled at how they are going to conveniently have your vegan needs met.

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