12 Best Way to Trim-Off The Calorie Intake Per Day and Week For Weight Loss


You have bothered on the issue of trimming down your calorie intake for quite a while, and it is almost turning out to be your nightmare. You really need to calm those nerves of yours because you are coincidentally at the right place.

This article is not only going to reveal to you the various ways through which you can cut down on your calorie intake to lose weight, but it is also going to show you the simple ways through which you can get expected weight loss results in this regards.

Contained below will be 12 simple ways to trim off calorie intake. Just keep it mind that during the course of your reading, that these are measures that have worked for others.

12 Best Way to Trim Off Calorie Intake Per Day, Week and Month

1. Calorie Counting

One of the best way to cut down on your total calorie intake is by observing the rigors of calorie counting. Calorie counting can be rightly be considered as a rigorous process because it is not everyone that finds it easy to stick by.

In case you are not aware of what calorie counting is all about, it is simply about knowing the amount of calorie that can be considered safe for your consumption. This will be greatly evidenced in your quantity of food. This is because you have to cut down on the amount of food you are consuming so you don’t end up storing extra fats in your body.

2. Add Less Sauce to Your Food

Some people find it difficult to eat food without adding some ketchup to it. If only you are aware of how much calorie that gets added to your meal every time you do that. This is so serious that just a tablespoon of ketchup is capable of adding as much as 57g of extra calorie to your meal. This is not a brilliant choice if you ask anyone.

Hence, if you must use ketchup in your meal then try to cut down on your meal so as to reduce the possible quantity of calorie you are consuming.

3. Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

It is a real irony that so many individuals who are overweight still find themselves bumping into every bottle of soda they come in contact with. This is more like the easiest way of adding some unwanted calorie because these drinks contain a certain amount of sugar which can be considered unsafe for adults.

If you are truly determined to get your weight loss ambition underway, then you have no choice but to cut down on your intake as it relates to sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, coke and the rest of them.

4. You can leave out sugar in your coffee and Tea

Most people just have a partial knowledge about coffee and tea and their effects. Some fail to understand that coffee and tea are low-calorie drinks and they are very safe for consumption. The only thing you need to be on the lookout for in this regards is the addition of sugar.

You have to avoid it entirely, as sugar is capable of adding up to 16 extra calories to your coffee and tea. You may say this is nothing to worry about it. Well, with some more cups of coffee and more cubes of sugar you may just be doing so well in putting on some extra weight.

5. Try Cooking Your Food

Guess you never saw this coming. It is hard for you to ascertain the sugar and fats level in a particular food simply because you were not the person that prepared the food. Many food sellers tell you they are giving you food with little fats and sugar. Well, they are right if you cannot prove otherwise.

This is why it is far better off if you prepare your meal yourself. This way, you will be able to determine the safest level of sugar and fats that will be in your food.

6. Junk Foods Shouldn’t Be in Your apartment

It is very easy for some persons to stay disciplined in this regards while for some others, it is going to take a lot more. As a way of helping yourself, it is better if you keep any sort of junk food out of your apartments.

You do not want to associate with junk foods on your journey to cutting down your calorie intake. It becomes even more dangerous when you are into stress eating. Keep junk food away from your reach as far as possible.

7. Using a smaller plate size

Studies show that plate sizes of today seem to be much bigger than the previous plate size of many years back. A high tendency of getting excess calorie can be borne out of the fact that you are always served in supersize. It is just a natural instinct that with big plates, you will likely want to be served with a massive size of food.

This is why health professionals advocate that you play a small trick on yourself by learning how to eat with small plate size.

8. Make Vegetables a necessity

A good percentage of people primarily find it less inviting to include vegetables in their meal. There are others who include vegetables, but they take it in very low quantity. You have to ensure that it is making a good chunk of your food for it to be very effective.

The good part is that with enough veggies included in your meal, you can be sure of having a very decent meal as well as cutting down on those foods that are capable of promoting some extra calorie in your bodies.

9. Taking water before a meal

You have to be in the habit of taking water before your meal. The way this works is that it helps you to eat less. This will in turn aid you in reducing your calorie intake. Engaging in this has the ability to reduce your calorie intake by a whopping 13%.

This has been an effective way of cutting down on calorie intake right from time. In addition to the mentioned advantage of taking water, it can also be used for weight reduction.

10. Start with a low-calorie food

You may have wondered why people start out a meal with something as ordinary as soup. The main reason is to help reduce calorie intake during the main meal. You will achieve your calorie reduction objective because it will reduce your chances of overeating.

Being able to reduce your chances of overeating is a good way to curb that extra calorie problem you are having.

11. Take your food slowly

This is also another great revelation. The act of rushing your food will only cause you to want to eat more. It has been confirmed that chewing your food slowly will make you eat less. However, if you are the type that is addicted to rushing your food you can try counting to a particular number before you take another spoon. This will surely help you in this regards.

12. Do not empty your plate

Many people have been trained in such a way that they have to clean the plates in front of them before they can assume they are done. This is another means of promoting your overeating habits, and it will always turn out to be detrimental in the long run.

You have to increase your awareness when you are eating. The consciousness of not finishing the food in the plate should always be at the back of your mind. Your focus should be to eat until you are satisfied and not to eat until you empty the bowls. This one is a very easy one to implement; it is really not going to take anything from you when trying to make this your new discipline.

Trimming Calorie intake Possible Side Effect

There are almost no side effects when you are trying to manage your calorie intake except for minor effects like weakness and headache. These are just normal symptoms that will wear away when you continue to trim down your calorie intake.


The ways as mentioned earlier are 12 simple ways to trim off calorie intake. A close look at them and you can immediately tell that they are not as difficult as you have initially perceived this process to be. An extra calorie is not good for your health. For this reason, if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle then you must ensure you are taking food that will provide you with a safe amount of calorie. This is why you have to do everything possible to make sure you are applying the steps as mentioned earlier. The above steps will go a long the way, that will help you to address your excess calorie problems.

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