10 Tips to Lose Weight After Giving Birth to be a sexy, hot and healthy mom


Having to add some extra weight in the course of pregnancy is something that gets a lot of ladies worried. This is the part of any married woman’s and mother’s life that they cannot wait to escape from. For most mom’s, they are more than ready to do anything to get back to their initial sexy and hot shape after giving birth.

This is where the ultimate challenge comes in, because as you likely already know, pregnant women add some extra calories during the course of their pregnancy. This is what this article will be addressing. How can you lose those extra pounds gained during your pregnancy days without causing any real harm to your body?

Read through the post carefully and you will get your answer.

10 smart tips on How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

1. Stop Procrastinating and Get Started

It is not compulsory that you must wait until you have given birth before you will start observing one or two measures that can help you lose weight.

Yes, it is true that pregnant women have a lot of cravings for food, but that shouldn’t be a license to jump at anything you see. You are going to be doing yourself a whole lot of good when you apply a little restrain by not jumping at everything that comes your way. You can as well try to walk away from the feeling of overweight by moving around once in a while.

2. Nature is equally kind

There is bound to be some weight loss automatically when you give birth. It simply means you lose a few pounds after your baby is born. You may engage yourself in a small exercise just to make sure you stay on track as it regards losing some more weight.

You may not need to hit a gym for your exercise or training. Doing that will not be necessary. This is because even actions like breastfeeding are going to help ensure your weight loss goals. This is nature’s own way of helping you get back to shape.

3. Plenty of rest is needed

You will be greatly amazed at how relevant plenty of rest can be in this regards. You need to get as much rest as possible. This is going to go a long way in helping you reduce your weight in the long run. This is absolutely necessary because of the way a baby acts when he or she is in need of something.

They tend to upset the sleep cycles of adults in this regards. Hence, if you are not properly coordinated, and it happens that you allow the baby’s needs to get to you then you may eventually get a drop in your metabolism level.

4. Natural Weight loss measures

Some of the ingredients contained in weight loss supplements make it impossible for nursing mothers to take advantage of them. You can address your weight issues by applying natural measures that will affect your metabolism rate or the rate at which you get hungry in a healthy way.

You may try these even though it is not a guarantee that all will work for you: apple vinegar a couple of times a day can help reduce fats. A mixture of lime and honey 2-3 times a day is also another weight loss remedy, Indian plume leaves tea equally contributes to reducing fats and not forgetting green tea as you can have it as often as you can in a day.

These are just a few natural remedies that have actually worked for many. Hence, trying them out may actually work for you as well.

5. Don’t Try To Be an Island

This is the part where you need to try as much as you can to enjoy the company of other mothers. With all due respect, if you have been a loner in time past, now will be an excellent opportunity to knock it off. You need to learn how to interact with others. This is very necessary because it is an avenue for you guys to share knowledge and by so doing you get to know what works for the next person.

Another good reason why this is highly advised is the fact that the experience of those mothers who have had more than one child will be very useful to a mom who is just having her first baby.

6. Sex can actually help

Having your real time with your partner has a way of playing down your weight after delivery. However, you are advised to wait some weeks after your delivery before getting back into action. This is done to avoid any discomfort that can be experienced during the course of your having sex. Whatever you do, try to get back to your pleasurable days as soon as you are comfortable.

7. Watch your calorie intake

You want to ensure that you watch the kind of food you are taking. Make sure you are staying away from foods that will add extra calories to your body. The natural instinct is that you ate a lot, more than usual during your pregnancy days. However, you need to realize that the baby is born. Jumping at drinks like fruit juice every now and then, all in the name of vitamin c is not really going to help you.

8. A Regular exercise plan will do.

You need to have yourself an exercise routine. As you are already aware, it will take a while for you to get back to your normal activities. Starting off with a couple of very light exercises will be the way to go here. These light exercises should continue for up to 5 weeks. This is to enable the gap within your abdominal muscles to disappear. You can only do any belly exercises when this gap has been closed.

9. Change your eating philosophy

Your mentality when it comes to food has to be reconfigured. Never assume that you can keep eating things the way you used to when you were pregnant, and get away with it. You have to enlighten yourself on that.

Having some new rules in place to help you check some of these excesses will be a good place to start from. These outlined steps will actually help cut down your hunger rate and increase metabolic rate.

  • Make sure meals are properly spaced.
  • Understand the place of breakfast as the most important phase of your diet plan
  • Beans, fish, lean meat cuts, skinless poultry are regarded as rich sources of protein; they equally help to lessen hunger.
  • Try to get used to fiber as part of your diet. What it does is that it contributes to getting you filled without adding any extra calories.
  • Learn how to eat nuts, they contribute to keeping you satisfied for a long time.
  • Vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains are also good for your consumption during this period.

10. Make sure you have recovered

Medical and nutrition experts always warn against starting off a diet plan right after your delivery. You need to get your body back in shape before trying out any diet plan. Immediately after giving birth your body goes into a repair mode.

Allow yourself enough time to recover. After this, you can get your diet plan underway, and you can be rest assured of having positive results. Hence, you have to do everything possible to ensure you are recovering from the process. Just take all the time in the world but do not be too relaxed otherwise you may end up with results that are opposed to your weight loss objectives.

Possible Side Effect when Losing weight after giving birth

Since these are all natural ways to remedy your weight problem after giving birth, there are almost no side effects that will be experienced during this period. You are only likely to feel slight weakness because your body is trying to adjust to a new way of living.


In summary of all that has been said, you can see that seeking to lose some extra pounds as a nursing mother is not as difficult as studying rocket science. It doesn’t get any better than any of these natural remedies. Just make sure you are faithfully observing all these adjustments, and you will be very amazed at the results you will be getting. A good way to make this happen is by making sure you take things slow, don’t be too hard on yourself, and things will eventually fall into place.

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