10 Best Non-Surgical and Natural Weight Loss Procedures in the Philippines


In times past, surgery was recognized as the only means through which people can have their weight reduced. However, this is almost becoming a thing of the past. This is because there are risks associated with those surgical weight loss procedures.

Are you one those who do not want to go into the theater room all in the name of having your weight reduced? If this is you, then you have come to the right place as this article will be educating you on various non-surgical weight loss procedures.

This post will be touching on 10 Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures in the Philippines that can be very helpful in this regards. A careful read is all you need, and you can apply the ones that you find most suitable to your kind of person.

10 Best Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

1. Regular Exercises

It is rather unfortunate that people now have little or no time for regular exercises. In other words, they consume so much without having to burn out some of the excess food that has been stored in their bodies through exercise. This approach has not helped anyone. This is why doctors and health fitness experts always advocate for the use of regular exercise as a means of controlling your weight.

Having a regular exercise plan can be a good way of actualizing your weight loss dreams. It has been a very convenient and safe option. However, it is always advised that before you identify with any workout plan, you should have it discussed with your medical adviser so that you are properly advised on how best to go about it. This is also good because not all exercises are good for everyone. There are some that you may have to stay away from because of your condition.

Food Supplements as a means of reducing weight

There are a whole lot of persons who are not disciplined when it comes to the aspect of sticking to work out plans. This group of people could result in the use of food supplements as a healthy alternative for their weight loss adventures.

Food supplements are capable of making you lose some pounds because they function in the following ways: they make you eat less, they reduce the absorption of fat into your body system, and they ensure that excess fats are gotten rid of at all times.

Highlighted below with brief explanations will be some food supplements that can be of great help in the area of weight reduction.

2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is a fruit that is beginning to gain popularity with each passing day. It is a fruit that looks very similar to pumpkin, and it is green in color. The key component in this fruit is known as Hydroxycytric acid, and it is contained in the fruit’s skin. This is the ingredient that has played a major role as it regards to weight loss. It is this ingredient that has been formulated into a diet pill that is taken as a food supplement.

3. Hydroxycut

This is a product that has simply existed for a very long time. It is believed to contain caffeine and some other weight loss ingredients. This product has been an effective weight loss option right from time. If you, however, happen to be sensitive to caffeine then you are most likely to experience the following side effects: diarrhea, irritability, and nausea.

4. Caffeine

This is one of the most consumed substances in the world. This is because it is present in beverages, and it can also be found in dark chocolate and green tea. It simply does its work by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. While the use of caffeine has been very useful in terms of weight loss, it must be said that it has some notable side effects, one of which is insomnia. However, for those who want quick results in this regards, caffeine can be a healthy option.

5. Orlistat

This is a drug that can be gotten in the pharmacy. It is currently being sold under the name Alli. Its mode of operation is by ensuring that fat breakdown is greatly reduced in the body. This way, you don’t get to accumulate so much fats that are considered dangerous for your health. As a way of balancing both sides, it is important to state that there are some mild digestive problems that feature as its side effects.

6. Raspberry Ketones

The raw raspberry ketones is present in raspberries. This is what gives the raspberry their unique smell. It is however used as a food supplement after being thoroughly synthesized. This has not been, however, tried on humans.

7. Green Coffee Bean Extract

These are coffee beans in their raw form. This simply means coffee beans that have not been roasted. Their main components are chlorogenic acid and caffeine. The way these beans work is that their caffeine component helps to enhance the process of fat burning while the chlorogenic acid specializes in the reduction of carbohydrate breakdown.

8. Glucomannan

This is a fiber type that can be found in elephant yam. It absorbs a lot of water while it is in your body. This is what makes you eat less. One of its side effects is that it can cause flatulence. The Glucomannan is also known for some other benefits like helping to reduce blood pressure.

Dieting As a Means Of Weight Loss

With nature, you can expect different category of persons. One other category of persons yet to be mentioned in this post is the group of persons who find it difficult to partake in exercises or even find it difficult to have any food supplements taken. This set of people is mostly encouraged to go to food experts who can advise them on how they can use dieting measures to have their weight reduced.

9. Normal Dieting

This is simply the process of having your diet cut down to a very safe level. This is done to reduce a particular nutrient level that is being taken into the body. It could be that you are trying to cut down on your fats level or you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar you are having in your blood stream. Individuals who work with this measure must make sure they keep close contact with their food expert in order to ensure that their level of progress is properly monitored.

10. Mediterranean diet

This is a diet type that comprises a lot of vegetables and fruits. This is more like the easiest way to have your weight reduced in a short time. While the normal dieting can be a bit challenging to apply, this type of diet is very easy to apply. This is because, with the Mediterranean diet, you can eat a lot and still lose weight comfortably. However, for this diet type to be very effective you have to be very conscious of time as well as with what you are taking at that particular time. This is the golden rule of the Mediterranean diet.

Most people prefer this diet type because they hate to worry about the amount of food they are taking. Hence, if they can achieve the same results with their normal dieting counterparts, then there is almost no need for such bondage.

This diet type is what is mostly practiced in places like Greece, Italy, France, and in the Philippines. The proponents of the Mediterranean diet see it as the most effective means of reducing weight.

While they may have a right to their opinion, it must be said that there is an iota of truth in their assertions.

Possible Side Effects

While these 10 Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures can be considered as very effective in this regards, you should be very much aware they come with small side effects. These side effects are, however, very negligible when compared to the benefits you stand to gain in this regards. Informing you of these side effects is just to put you at alert, and not to scare you.


In conclusion of the above illustration, it is correct to say that the world has gone beyond the use of surgery as a weight loss measure. People are now on the lookout for safer options with zero implications. This is the main reason why you have to adopt one of these weight loss procedures today. You cannot afford to be in the dark and risk your life simply because you are reducing your weight. The above 10 Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures are highly reliable, and you can be assured of having positive results when you adopt the use of any one of them today.

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