Top Techniques To Stop Weight Loss Plateau


It has suddenly occurred to you that you need to lose some extra pounds. It has been nothing but a great idea. You decided to hit the gym and get things underway as soon as possible. Effectiveness is the only term that you can use to describe the various weight loss strategies that you have employed so far.

All of a sudden, something happened, you seem stuck. It appears as if the magic fat reduction strategies are no longer effective, and you are now asking what is exactly going on. You have decided to try some more new techniques, but none seem to be giving you what you are looking for.

Overcoming this is what you are about to discover in this article. Buckle up your seatbelts and be prepared for the ride.

Weight loss plateau is a stage where people get to during trying to actualize fat reduction, and it seems as if nothing is working. It can be regarded as weight loss stall. Most people get frustrated at this point, and prefer to just make a quick turn to that lifestyle they are trying to abandon.

This article will be showing you the best techniques to deal with fat loss plateau. Hence, whenever you get to the point where you are no longer noticing any changes in your weight, all you have to do is employ the techniques that will be detailed below.

Cut Down On Your Carb Intake

It’s a very good place to start from. You need to cut down your carbohydrate intake. Numerous research has actually shown that low carbohydrate foods actually help in actualizing weight loss. Whenever you feel stalled in these regards, you can try to reduce your carbohydrate intake. It has helped a lot of people.

Although there is an ongoing debate among nutrition experts; they are not just sure whether cutting down your carb intake also affects your metabolism rate. However, there are other control studies that have been carried out in this regards, and they simply indicate that reducing carb intake has a way of positively influencing the way fat is burnt in the body, plus enhance other activities that promote fat reduction.

Cutting down on your carb intake is very effective because you will start to eat less, and it gets you back on track to actualizing those weight reduction objectives of yours.

Step Up Your Exercising

Without any iota of doubt, it is true that we were involved in exercising before e got stalled at a point. Nevertheless, have we tried to consider how often we were exercising? Having us taking any thoughts about that? I guess not.

Taking a close review at our exercise routine is a great way to get over a fat reduction plateau. If we do not know, it is good we are aware that our body’s metabolism’s rate slows down as we begin from losing weight.

A particular study actually revealed that for every weight reduction, we could actually burn up to 6.8 calories, on the average. As we continue from losing weight, it may get to a point where it becomes difficult in losing any more weight because our metabolism rate has dropped down drastically. Well, we do not have to lose hope yet because changing a few things about how we exercise can help to reverse this effect.

Observe Everything You Eat

This is very important because we may not be eating a lot, but we are not losing weight. People mainly tend to undermine the potency of what they consume.

Paying close attention to what we are taking it can really provide we with a lot of useful information in this regards. Such information will help us make the needed changes. Other studies have shown that taking stock of what we are eating alone has a way of contributing from our weight reduction struggles.

Normalize Protein Intake

If we are going through a fat loss plateau, we can try stepping up your intake of proteins. Protein has been known to enhance metabolism more than any other food type. Protein digestion actually increases calorie burning by a whopping 20%. It’s two times what we get with carbs or fats.

Proteins have also been known to stimulate the production of a particular hormone known as PYY. This hormone is what makes us feel fuller when we are eating.

Increasing our protein intake will also help to guard against the possibility of having a drop in metabolic rate as well as any loss of muscle mass. It’s because these are just regular occurrences during weight reduction.

Stress Management

Most people never look at anything related from weight reduction from this perspective. Stress has a way of not only making us want to eat more, but it also makes our body from producing more cortisol. In case we don’t know, cortisol is a stress hormone. On the one hand it can be useful in helping our body respond to stress, but on the other hand, it is increasing our belly fat storage.

It tends to be much stronger with women who are weighed in the just mentioned area. It then means that the production of too much cortisol can affect our fat loss ambitions. People don’t see it as if they can really manage their stress levels on their own, but we should understand that there have been countless studies that reveal that stress levels can interfere with our fat loss goals.

Try Fasting From Time To Time

Fasting intermittently is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. It’s simply when we go without food for 16-48 hours. This practice has been known for helping cut down on body fats as well as other health benefits.

If we cannot do this, then we try out alternate-day fasting. It’s when we have a controlled intake of calorie on one day, and e have our normal intake of calorie on the following day. It has also been discovered that this method of fasting also helps from preventing loss in muscle mass.

Do Away With Alcohol

Do we realize that drinking alcohol may be ruining our weight loss intentions? Even though one bottle of alcoholic drink is believed to contain about a hundred calories, it has zero nutritional value. To make matters worse, most people have more than one bottle during a drink.

Alcohol also affects our judgments when it comes to making food choices. It also makes us eat more. This will certainly pose a challenge to those who are trying to do everything they can control their obsessive eating behavior.

A study that was carried out on a group of adults who completed a fat loss program indicated that reducing alcohol consumption brought about a corresponding decrease in their ability from overeating as well as better weight reduction. It is good we should also note that alcohol helps to suppress fat burning. This is certainly not good for anyone.

Eating More Fiber

This one works like a charm all the time. Adding more fiber from our diet may help us get through our weight loss plateau. This is mostly true for fiber that dissolves in water or liquid.

To start with, this type of fiber helps to reduce the rate at which food substances move through our digestive tracts. This is why we tend from feeling fuller when we take this fiber type. All kinds of fiber are good for fat loss, but there is a particular type that has been discovered to be most effective, and that is the Viscous Fiber. It is mostly known for reducing our appetite.

Side Effects

Weight loss plateau is just an experience that is mostly occasioned by a loss of muscle mass and reduction in the rate of metabolism, among others. Getting around your fat loss plateau does not have any side effects. None


Given all that has been said above, it has been properly detailed that you do not just have fat loss effects stalled during certain times. It actually happens for a reason, and you have seen some of the reasons responsible for it. You have discovered how important something as little as stress management can end up influencing your fat reduction goals. One great take-home from this post is that you should never take anything for granted if you actually want to have fat reduction effects continued and sustained. Apply these tips that have been discussed above, and e will be good to go.

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