Top 10 Healthy Food Diet Restaurants in Metro Manila Philippines


It is one thing to eat, and it is entirely another thing to eat healthy foods. You must understand the difference between these two scenarios. Most people who are too busy to fix themselves a meal end up taking anything they are served, just because they feel they don’t have a choice. It’s not true nonetheless. We can make a selection in this regards. It’s what we will discover in this article.

Read through carefully and discover 10 Healthy Food Restaurants To Try in Metro Manila Philippines Services. Trust me, going through this write up is really worth all the effort.

Why Eat Healthy Meals

First, we must understand why we must eat healthy foods. The primary purpose of taking foods is for us to have our bodies nourished with the various nutrients the body needs to function. It’s almost a waste of time if you just eat food for the sake of eating.

In other words, people eat foods not only for growth purposes but also for health reasons. The strength of your body to combat diseases is as good as the kind of meal you eat. Your immune system is going to be weak if you’re not eating healthy foods. On the other hand, you will feel like a superhuman when you’re taking healthy foods because your immune system is going to be consequently strengthened.

What are the benefits of eating healthy foods

This section of this post is going to be telling you what you stand to gain when we tag along with healthy meal. Like it has been rightly stated above, you will not be doing yourself any good if all you get from eating your type of mealis nothing but getting one harm or the other done to your body.

Outlined below will be various things we stand to benefit when we associate ourselves with only healthy meal types.

First, there will probably be a seamless flow of oxygen around your body. Every part of your body will probably be serviced with oxygen whenever the need arises. This means the movement of blood into and out of the heart will be uninterrupted. Secondly, when every part of your body is serviced with the right amount of blood, It’s only going to aid you in living long. Things like these will always ensure you stay away from the hospital beds. Another good reason why we must eat healthy foods because it will help us curb every likelihood of excess calories. This way, we get to stay away from health issues like obesity, diabetes, etc.

Eating healthy foods has no disadvantages of any kind instead it’s only capable of improving your health status, that is why you have to ensure you’re consuming only healthy foods, and not just any kind of meal.

How To Lose Weight While Eating healthy foods

You can actually lose weight without breaking a sweat when you eat. You gained excess weight in the first place because the meal was not completely healthy. Losing weight can be made possible when you align to a particular diet plan.

It is not hard in any way; all you have to do is ensure you’re following the guidelines that have been given to you by your medical adviser. Before you commence any particular diet plan, also make sure you’re acting on the recommendations of a food expert or a medical consultant.

After the recommendation of an expert, the next natural thing would be to ensure you adhere to the spelled out instructions, and can be on your way to losing some pounds without too much stress.

Top 10 Healthy Food Restaurants in Metro Manila Philippines

Here are the top 10 restaurants that will serve you a delicious and healthy foods that will fit your diet for a better weight loss.

1. Earth Kitchen Philippines

It is one of the homes of healthy meals. We must pay this restaurant a visit, and we will be most amazed at their concept. They believe in the farm to table ideology. If we want our meals fresh and unprocessed, then the Earth Kitchen will be a good bet. It’s located in Katipunan Avenue of Quezon City in 1800 Metro Manila Philippines.

People spend a lot of time when they visit, and it’s simply because they find their delicacies highly satisfying.

2. Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Café Philippines

This is almost like a heaven for anyone who actually loves vegetables. Get your taste buds fully satisfied at this place. Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Café is always a busy place. Hence, we need to make sure you check in with the restaurant so you can make a reservation ahead of your visit.

Another thing we need to do to keep yourself updated, to make sure you follow their prices on the internet in case there are any changes. You can also do that by giving them a call.

3. Wabi-Sabi Noodle House and Grocery Store Philippines

It is not always about having complicated structures; sometimes we need to go into simple places where you can have your appetite properly attended to. It’s what the Wabi-Sabi Noodle House and Grocery Store is all about. A local restaurant with good music for you as you gulp down that chunk of food.

This place is simply fantastic in every sense of the word. Why not pay it a visit and try out some of their Asian cuisines like: tom yum, pho, ramen, etc. you will definitely enjoy your every minute of staying there.

4. Hillside Café and Juice Bar Philippines

Eating out of the home is something that is heavily advised against by food experts when it comes to observing a healthy lifestyle. However, you might want to take exception to the Hillside Café and Juice Bar. It’s because their number one priority is to make sure they are serving you with food types. There is simply no discrimination when you get to this place because everyone has the safe version of his or her diet.

That is to say; there is always something for the vegans, meat-eaters and any other category you want to belong to.

5. The Farm Organics

The Farm Organics has been known for their organic beef. This is what has made them to stand out. You will need to try this place, as they are equally excellent when it comes to other dishes.

6. The Wholesome Table Philippines

Are you thinking of having a change of lifestyle as it regards how you eat? If this is you, then make your way to The Wholesome Table. They specialize in serving your organic foods. They believe more in reaching out to their customers in the traditional way.

At The Wholesome Table, it is one plate at a time.

7. The Vegetarian Kitchen Philippines

Most people have a wrong mentality of who a vegetarian is, and as such, some do not want to have anything to do with it. Visit The Vegetarian Kitchen, and you will have a new definition of what being a vegetarian is all about.

8. JuJu Eats Philippines

This is another place where you can comfortably hang out with your loved ones. They equally have the capacity of bringing your food to your doorsteps. When you find yourself at this place, you can be rest assured of having food that is 100% healthy. Encourage yourself by having a look at their menu list.

9. Sprout Philippines

At the Sprout, they serve the freshest kind of foods. If you’re looking for a place where we can hang out with your loved ones and still not bother about the healthy nature of your food, then this will be a safe spot. Enjoy very fresh food at this place.

10. Detoxify Bar Philippines

Everyone who has tried the Detoxify Bar has been actually glad they did. You are not going to be any different. This is because not only is their food healthy; they are also delicious. You will also find them very helpful when it comes to detoxifying.


In conclusion of all that has been said, it pays a lot when you take balanced meals into your system. That is why you need to be very careful about where you eat. You need to make sure you are eating at places where they take health very seriously. In this post, you have been duly informed of 10 Healthy Food Restaurants to Try in Metro Manila Philippines Services. Try to locate the one nearest to you, and you are ready to go.

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