Sava Road Mountain Bike Reviews


Sava bike are not yet known by some persons in places like the Philippines for obvious reasons. This is a major reason for this Sava Bike Review. This post will be helping to review much vital information about the subject. As a matter of fact, all the information we will need to enable us to make a choice in this regards.

Sava bike may still be new in the market, but that has nothing to do with the popularity it is gaining amongst Pinoys. There are different specifications. Do you happen to be a novice or an expert in bikes then there must be a model that will be most suitable for you.

This article will be helping us understand all that e need to know concerning Sava bike. After going through this post, we should be able to know what model of a bike will be most suiting for our personality. Just go through the post carefully, and you will enjoy your every bit of reading.

The Origin of Sava Mountain Bike Philippines

The origin of this still appear unclear to so many, however, technology indicates that it has its foundations from Germany. It had originated from Germany in the year 2008. Maybe not immediately, but after that development, the manufacturers of Sava bike decided to embark on a plan. The plan was to set up a company and an assembly center in China. It turned out to be a plan that was well executed. They even went further in 2013 to institute research centers in a place like Shenzhen.

They have since improved in their reputation because Sava bike are now headquartered in so many countries around the world. Some of these countries are: Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico and some others.

The company will keep bringing in technocrats who are exceptionally good in this field of cycling. They also intend to come up with new creations that will not only be sophisticated, but they will also be attractive and competent. The number one goal is to keep manufacturing with materials that are not only lightweight but equally durable. It will amaze you to know that car design principles are equally being applied in some of their latest products.

This has a wide range of products that are quite pleasing to a different category of people. The enthusiast, elite and the experts all find these products highly appealing. The users in the Philippines are very much okay with what they have. This is because irrespective of the category you find yourself as an income earner, there is something suitable for your kind of budget. This is just an amazing brand, as you are able to expect nothing but top quality when you get a model of very low price. This can only mean that all their products are of high quality.

Some Achievements in Sava Road Cycling

The Sava team that just took part in a recently concluded tour was awarded second place by the organizers.

Some of the biggest ever race to have been organized in 2016 were done by UCI Asia Tour. The top positions had been competed for by 20 teams. The individual that came up overall second made use of this. The individual that also came up second in the singles’ category also made use of this.

Sava Mountain Bikes

Be informed that this is not the only type of Sava bike available. There is always an option for everyone.

  • Sava A1 Ares

This is a nice option to go with. It has a frame size of 16. Travel of 120mm for the lock-out fork. The handlebars are made up of straight steel bars. The saddle is about 34.9mm. The stock pedals are made up of Yonghua – 8X, a ball bearing plastic. This bike is good enough to be regularly used and can also withstand light speed purposes. The speed specification it uses is the Shimano CS-HG31 8. The spokes are made of stainless steels, and the rim is double walls. Getting this model in the Philippines may cost you up to P15000.

  • SAVA SV-580

If it has ever crossed your mind to get yourself a carbon bike then probably you should go for a SAVA SV-580. This brand uses a carbon frame that is 17-inch. The seat post, handlebar, and pedal are all alloy. The rim is a double-wall alloy. The stainless steel spokes hold the tires in place. Experienced cyclists are immediately going to fall in love with this bike. This model goes for P25000.

  • SAVA M8

This bike makes use of carbon materials. It appears to be like one of those bikes that are only made for the use by the rich class. Nevertheless, the experienced bikers have a contrary view about this bike. They simply see the money spent on this bike as a worthy investment. The purchase price for this brand is P60000. Properly designed with hydraulic breaks that make it possible for you to have a much better control. You may almost bet it is going to have a double wall rim. It is a light-weight, but equally high-end. It can tolerate temperature very well as well as low thermal expansion

  • SAVA Titanium

If you think you are able to spare a couple of cash on some kind of bike, then try splashing your cash on Siva Titanium. It goes for P80000. It can be used on and off the road. With alloy rims and hydraulic, you can expect good movement and efficient control.

Where You Can Get Sava Bike Philippines

You can always get a model that you will like. Everyone does. All you may need to do is move around until you may find a brand that fits with your budget. Different dealers actually come with a different warranty. While some tend to accommodate damages that arise from mountain trailing others simply do not.

There are shops that offer complete assembly as well as in-shop improvements just in case you are in need of a more advanced setup. You can get it delivered to your doorstep for a very small fee. There are even so many shops that now do business online. Hence, you can always make your purchases without you going to shop in person. You can also try to get more info about Lazada delivery since they are also into the delivery of disassembled products.

Sava Bike Philippines normally meet for business at Metro Manila. You can also get quality bikes at some shops in Manila and Quezon City. They are also getting recognized for their friendly customer service, enticing service after the sale as well as fantastic repair services. We are able to contact Glorious Ride Bike Shop for more details. Bikezilla is another good sales point. They are located within one Quezon City’s business areas.

All these various brands are just waiting for us to get them. This is a great brand, and the best thing we are able to do for ourselves is to get it and help ourselves out. Just make sure we are taking a very close look at all the various types, and we will surely find one of the types that will match your taste and budget. Bump into any of the above shops and try to get yourself a clean Sava product.

Riding this does not do your body any harm. As a matter of fact, it can be considered good for your health. We can use it for exercise purposes as well as for sports reasons. We will need to pick one of them so we can see for ourselves how useful it can be.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion of all that has been said, we can see that this is nothing but a great product. With the stylish design and its sophisticated nature, we can only imagine it to be a product of absolute brilliance. We need to do everything we can just to see that you lay our hands on the products mentioned above. This has never disappointed, on the road and off the road. If you have it, then we can just try to make the best of it. That is all there is to it, and nothing more. Hence, just take a glance at our budget, and have a go at the bike that matches that particular amount. With this move, we can become a proud owner of a Sava bike.

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