Pinoy Fitness Gym and Fitness Center Reviews


Sports. Running. Swimming. Biking. There are many ways to stay healthy and fit, and with so many options to choose from –including individual and group options, indoors and outdoors, cardio, strength training, flexibility training-, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed at times.

Which is the best option for me, given my current health and fitness situation and my goals? Which one will make me feel challenged, keep me involved, strong, and healthy, but also part of a fun and caring community? Which one will adapt to my lifestyle best? Which one will help me grow as a person and as an athlete?

The answer will vary from person to person, but if you are in the Philippines, you might want to try out Pinoy Fitness.

What is Pinoy Fitness?

Pinoy Fitness is a Gym and Fitness Center located in Manila, Philippines. Their full address, should you want to visit, is:

Unit F Garden Level, Corinthian Plaza 121 Paseo De Roxas, Legaspi Village Manila, Philippines 1226

It was founded in 2009 and is still going strong and growing as a gathering venue for athletes, professionals and amateurs alike, that is all-inclusive and inspires a sense of community and camaraderie, as well as a passion for sports, wellness, and health.

Pinoy’s biggest concentration is running, especially marathon training, but they also train for biking (cycling), climbing/trekking, and swimming. So there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, whether they like feeling the asphalt beneath their feet, zooming down the road on two wheels, conquering mountains and wild trails, or moving through the water.

Pinoy Fitness also has a strong online presence and a very large online community that includes people from all around the Philippines. That means that, even in the off-season, you can make new friends and keep the spirit alive while you train for the next race!

Their Facebook page contains everything you need to know about Pinoy’s upcoming events, as well as posts related to dieting and nutrition, running gear and technology and uplifting and inspiring quotes. Following their sense of community, they often showcase the accomplishments of their members in the Philippines and around the world.

Their Twitter account  offers motivation and information for athletes on the go, such as blog posts and funny quotes to keep your sporty spirits up. They also give minute-by-minute updates on their events, so you always know what is going on.

Their Instagram account is a lovely compilation of all the beautiful scenarios you may encounter while exercising outdoors, as well as all sorts of motivational words to help you carry on that extra mile when running, or climbing, or swimming.

Their YouTube Channel has many videos regarding exercise techniques (like pre-run warm-ups and special exercises for during and after your run), new running shoes reviews, and how to get the proper shoes and attire for running. These review videos are very helpful for those just starting out, as well as those who want to upgrade their gear and need a truthful review of the products available out there.

Pinoy Fitness Reviews

Pinoy has an overwhelmingly positive reception by the public, of 4.4 out of 5 stars. People on Facebook describe the staff as “kind and cheerful”, and report “having fun” during the events hosted by Pinoy Fitness.

The Pinoy community is known for being friendly and inviting to newcomers, both online and in person. Newer members report that during events (especially the longer events like full marathons) older members tend to look after the group and offer their support and guidance, especially in the sometimes-confusing first few events, when the newcomer might be a little lost among so many people. However, rest assured; you will be part of the group in no time!

The staff are highly responsive on social media like Facebook, making sure that you get the best customer service possible. They are, however, rather few at the larger events, so plenty of patience and comprehension is needed for the somewhat chaotic marathon days’ registrations.

Pinoy Fitness List of Events

Just now, Pinoy Fitness has over 30 events listed on their web page with more to come soon! There’s plenty of running events, as this is their main focus, but there are also cycling and trailing, and even multisport events for the jack-of-all-trades athlete.

They participate in important sport events around the world, such as the NatGeo Earth Day Run (which happened on the 23rd of April, starting from Mall of Asia), or the H2Oman Marathon Swim (coming up 6th of May at Lakawon Island Beach Resort and Spa). Which will feature 10Km Full Swimming Marathon, a 5Km Half Marathon, and even a 500M Kid’s Marathon for the younger athletes.

However, by far, the Sub1-10K challenge is Pinoy’s biggest yearly event. The challenge is to race against the clock and run 10 km in an hour or less. This year, it will be on May 21st, departing from Plaza Independencia in Cebu City. Hundreds of people attend every year to test themselves in the ultimate fitness challenge. You could be one of them!

Make sure to check out their web page and click the links for more details about the many, many events, including venues, dates, and inscription fees, as each event varies.

Pinoy Fitness Store

A serious athlete needs some serious gear, and Pinoy Fitness’s Store has everything the athletic soul could wish for. Shoelace badges to show how far your shoes have run, men and women’s running t-shirts and tank-tops (including reflective t-shirts to keep you safe while running in the late afternoon or at night), and visors to keep the sun out of your eyes when you run.

One of the community’s favorites is the t-shirt with the classic Pinoy Fitness logo printed across the chest or the one with the cheeky slogan: “Running keeps me sexy” to let everyone know where you got that body from. It was from running and training hard, of course!

Pinoy Fitness Side Effect

Pinoy Fitness, of course, is only one option in a wide range of healthcare, sports and fitness options to choose from. And like all options, the pros and cons must be weighed before choosing to make sure that you pick an option that is right for you, your lifestyle, your goals, and your capabilities.

To begin with, Pinoy Fitness centers around outdoor sports, which means you will be outside, under the rain and the wind and the sun. Proper measures must be taken at all times to ensure adequate skin care (for instance, always wearing long-lasting sunscreen and reapplying it constantly), adequate hydration, and adequate protection from other factors (like insect bites, leg chafing, blisters, or joint injuries). Some of these issues are almost impossible to avoid (like blisters, especially if you’re not used to running or exercising for long), but they can be reduced in order to make your experience enjoyable and fun, which is what you want out of a healthcare and fitness regime!

Pinoy is a little intense, particularly for those just starting on their workout, so it is very important to start off small. Don’t try and run a full marathon on your first month; half a marathon is just as impressive, and you’re not competing with anyone but yourself. Leave your insecurities behind and remember: everyone started where you did.

Pinoy Fitness is more than a way of exercising; it is also a lifestyle: those who join Pinoy must be ready to commit fully to exercising and training hard. Pinoy’s training is also very high impact, which means that it could have negative effects on people whose heart, joints, bones or breathing already have problems. However, with the proper attention and advice from a licensed sports doctor, it can also be highly beneficial in reducing heart problems, teaching you how to breathe more efficiently, and training your muscles to support your joints better. Just remember: start small, progress gradually, and pay attention to what your body tells you.


The wonders of the fitness universe are available in a number of ways, ripe and ready for anyone willing to try them. Pinoy Fitness is an excellent option for the outdoorsy, outgoing type of athlete that wants to challenge themselves in a friendly environment. Contact Pinoy Fitness to learn more about them, and start running!

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