Muay Thai Training in the Philippines

Muay-Thai-Training-in-the-PhilippinesWhat is Muay Thai?

It is a type of fighting styles used not only in Thailand but in all over the globe such as southeast Asia. This type of fighting styles is quite identical to some others kinds of fighting styles prevailed in South East Asia like Pradal Serey in Cambodia, tomoi in Philippines, etc. It is the nationwide game of Thailand and historical one. It is a Conventional sport that is quite identical to Western punching in conditions of using kicks and blows keeping the vehicle secure gloves in fights that create more important from the historical art Muay Boran. It is also known as The Art of the Eight Limbs, it is very popular because of the extensively used of arms, feet, arms, and legs in this type of fighting styles. The experts of Martial artistry execute various kinds of fighting styles such as stand-up strikes, clinches, etc. Like many other disciplines of fighting styles, The sport needs serious commitment and passion in purchase to learn this fight game. The philosophy is very important through turning the entire whole body into critical weapons like arms functions as the swords, arms offer as hammers, legs, feet offer as axes, and the forearms and feet are like armors in purchase to protect against critical blows. In Philippines, this type of game is commonly used and a lot of Filipino celebrities, eminent personalities used this type of fighting styles such as Iwa Moto, FHM model practices the sport, The popular action star Robin Padilla is also practicing it, The actor is commonly well-known Chairperson of the Muay Thai Organization in the Philippines, fascinated in Martial Arts and practices the sport.

How do Muay Thai Can Help You Reduce Weight?

There are many ways through which you can put reducing bodyweight easily but the sport really helps to lose weight, because of its attractive conditions of losing undesirable weight and the entire human additional fat. Many people use slimming pills to drop the undesirable weight and the entire human additional fat but they are unaware of their adverse reactions. It is the best, organic and the most secure way to lose human additional fat. It is slowly but quite attractive purchase to reduce additional bodyweight and also excellent for those who have excellent bodyweight, by making them quick and dynamic. The sport is quite valuable to drop undesirable weight and calories and build desired muscular tissue mass. There is a Free forum that the Experts helps the newbies in the sport to learn more by sharing their personal experience from the sport, the site is

Muay Thai organisations in the Philippines

The Organization was born in the year 1999 in the Philippines. The Head office of Muay Thai in the Philippines is located in Pasig City at Philsport Arena widely known as “Ultra.” The IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur has made guidelines and policies that the Events and competitions of the sport in the Philippines must follow this policy strictly. This association is also linked with the Filipino Olympic Committee as well as many other organizations such as IFMA, VMC, etc.

Basic Equipments of Muay Thai Sport

In this discipline of Martial Arts, investment in devices is important in purchase to acquire determined lifestyle and having secure exercise as well. A complete and essential inventory is quite valuable for competitors’ efficiency and secure exercise etc. Substandard devices not only affect your efficiency but also cause critical accidents that are the only thing every athlete want to prevent. In the case of Muay Thai, The USNIH ( United States National Institute) has conducted a research, and they found that this certain type of game yields better pay of accidents during competitors’ sessions. There are some security resources which are quite valuable, and one must know about them.


  • Gloves are very useful for the new experts during training and striking the bags. They have one couple for training and another couple for coaching. It must be considered inferior security gloves may cause serious injury to your partner so standard security gloves must be used to prevent accidents, discomfort, etc. For this objective, you can use leather sets, laced ones or Velcro closures. Bag security gloves help to facilitate quicker blows during exercise. In purchase to use difficult blows bigger glove sizing needs for defense but it must be considered these bag security gloves must not below than 16oz.


  • Side Wraps is a good resource that offers additional security by protecting the arms of the user, and knuckles as well, Plus the wraps offer extra support to the whole wrist bones and muscular tissues in the arms.These security resources not only help to stop you from discomfort but from some critical accidents as well.


  • Shin Guards essential and valuable not only for new experts who are unable to protect themselves properly but also for regular sportsmen in purchase to eradicate accidents and strains during coaching and training sessions.


  • Tops is somehow useful for new experts, but many experts believe that cloth can lead for hindrance during exercise period, so they do not use shirts while training sessions. Some of them considered it valuable to use shirts during training sessions. It does not mean to use costly shirts, but any activities shirt can be used for this objective.


  • Bermuda is suggested by those who are conscious about coaching use and they believe that athletes must come in coaching use. For this objective, two pairs of conventional Nak Muay shorts are enough. These shorts are usually poor in length, that is why it is advisable to use underwear to forbid unwilled exposure while exercising sessions.

Muay Thai Training

There are excellent quality basic workouts for the people who wants to use Muay Thai Alchemy.

  • Dynamic Stretching is the one, most essential before exercise. Relaxed accomplishments are most essential and quite valuable before exercises like arm circling, truck twists and rotations etc. In purchase to toughen your lower whole body like feet, sometimes road jobs are suggested.


  • Shadow Kickboxing is the fundamental of all contact sports. It is quite valuable and useful to get instructions type official one to develop appropriate accomplishments and motions. Checking your motions and accomplishments in front of the mirror allows you to adopt appropriate type and movement. The Bag performs also allows you for making your blows quicker and more powerful.


  • Rope Skipping is another critical component of the sport coaching to boost up stamina. This type of coaching allows you to get more powerful certain whole body parts such as shoulders, arms, and feet as you go on. After adjusting yourself into this field, you would be more efficient, quick and dynamic during battle sessions. Pad coaching is also valuable for making your strong and excellent kick executioner.


Muay Thai Gyms in the Philippines

There are some options below for those who have an interest in enrolling for Muay Thai classes:

  • Legacy Gym in the Philippines gives an excellent offering to those who have an interest to learn the sport, and two offers are available to have. Just coaching package starts from 10,000 Philippines Pesos per month and for coaching plus accommodation offers goes for 20,000 Philippines Pesos.


  • Muay Thai in Cebu city coaching middle is located in CJRS Building, IT Park on every Weekend between 5 pm to 9 PM and from every Monday to Friday, between 6 to 10 PM. For further information, contact the team in Cebeo through their FB Page.


  • Fight Factory and Coaching gym is Located in Quezon City, Tomas Morato, It is found by the Famous Boxing Gym in the Philippines Elorde Boxing. You will get big discounts if you get their Monthly and Yearly membership plans that starts from P400 Pesos up to P2000 Pesos per month.


  • World Muay Thai Team Usa, is Temporarily located in Ultimate Fitness Gym in Ortigas City, its old location is in Makati. You can contact Mr. Erwin Tagle if you are interested to sign up and Learn the sport. The rates are good and you can avail their monthly and yearly plan to get big discounts.


  • Manila Health and fitness is found at 2335 Zafiro St. San Andres, Manila and started out for Muay Thai coaching on every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. On every Weekend, The session starts from 4 PM to 5:30 PM. Rates starts from P200 for each period.

Muay Thai Training Side Effects

This type of activities needs more effort in purchase to acquire the best possible results. Allot of accidents, muscular fatigue, discomfort and dislocation is the result of coaching difficult. There are some more common accidents which every practitioner has to face during Muay Thai coaching such as swollen/sprained ankles, hurt feet, and strained arms, injured arms, strained/pulled neck muscular, hurt feet, headaches and concussions. These are some minimal accidents and can be avoided by using right safety measures and warm up you before coaching.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are several kinds of fighting styles which are used by more than 100 million people throughout the globe for various reasons such as fitness, fight skills, activities, self-defense, meditation, personality development and self-confidence etc. Muay Thai is the best, organic and the most secure way to lose human additional fat. It is slowly but quite attractive purchase to reduce additional bodyweight and also excellent for those already within excellent bodyweight, by making them quick and dynamic. Minor accidents can be avoided by using right safety measures during services.

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