How To Start Physical Fitness Program to past the test in the Philippines


How often do you see a macho man, and you just want to enroll in a fitness class right away. You are so inspired, but you cannot make it happen. It appears as if your motivation is not good enough. This is, unfortunately, the fate of so many. They want to have it done, but they don’t know how it’s ever possible.

If we fall into this category of people, we’ve come towards the right place. This article will help us discover the best way we can actualize the fitness dreams. It had always seemed like magic to us, but not anymore. We are gonna find the best strategy that will help us stay with the fitness plans. Just apply the tips wherever necessary, and we’re good to go.

Being able to stick with your plans successfully actually depends on certain factors. These factors, and how they are explained in details is what you are about to find out in the next section of this post.

Components of knowing your Physical Fitness test level

We wish to have a great body physique and live a very active life regarding engaging in exercises. However, before we do that, we will assess your levels. This is what will determine the extent to which we will get involved with any program. To assess our muscular and aerobic, body composition and flexibility we can record the following:

  • Find the difference of your pulse rate before and after walking a distance of 1.6kilometers.
  • How long does it take you to walk a distance of 400 meters, or how long does it take you to cover a distance of 2.4kilometers.
  • How many standard pushups can you do at a time?
  • How far forward can you reach while you are seated on the floor with your two legs in front of you?
  • Find out what your waist circumference is. It’s just above your hipbones
  • Also, find out your body mass index.

How to start Physical Fitness Program

The easiest thing for anyone is saying we will stay with your plan. Hence, we understand that it’s one thing to have a plan while it’s entirely a different thing to stay with our program. The latter is of greater importance. No matter what our plans are, sticking towards them is the best thing we can do for yourself. You can follow the steps listed below to help us in this regards.

Types and Steps When Starting your Physical Fitness Program

  • Establish Our Fitness Goals – We will know exactly what our objectives are. If we’re doing it just for the sake of losing some extra pounds, then it is good we also know, or it’s even possible we’re planning to go for some sort of marathon, whatever we goals are, try to understand them. Knowing what your goals are going to help us in designing the right kind of program. This just to ensure we don’t waste our time doing the wrong thing.
  • You Make Sure You Are Working With A Balanced Routine – A healthy balance in your routines are as good as getting the right results. It is of greater importance than you can imagine that it cannot be overemphasized. What this means is that you create a balance between aerobic exercises and strength training exercises. Allowing your routine to be one-sided is certainly not going to be the best thing. Structuring your program is such a way that you can get yourself involved in at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercises each week alongside some more physical exercises for at least twice a week is also recommended by fitness experts as well as health organizations. It’s one of the ways to definitely get the needed results.
  • Progress And Not Perfection – Most people seem to forget that you cannot arrive at your destination overnight. It is not some kind of racing game where you can arrive at the end by simply stepping on the gas pedal. The best thing is to start slow from a low level and progress slowly. This tip is especially useful to those who are beginners in the field of exercising. If you have any sort of injuries it is advised you consult with your medical adviser or a fitness expert so they can help you design the type of program that will help you improve your motion and strength in a safe manner. Hence, when you have this idea of not giving up on yourself anytime you are exercising, you stand the chance of going a long way. The idea of being perfectionist must be done away with.
  • Make Your Exercise Activities As Part Of Your Daily Routine – Not everyone is disciplined enough to stay with their exercise plans. Some people actually find it very challenging to do that. One way to help you out in these regards is to draft out your exercise times. Do it as you would have done for any important appointment. Thank goodness, technology has made this one a lot easier for you. To make the most of your time you could ride a stationary bike while you watch your favorite TV show or walk on a Treadmill while you listen towards the news. This way, you would not have to struggle so much with how to keep up with your exercise routines. It’s just gonna be easy.
  • Include Different Activities – A very good way to shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to exercising is to engage yourself in particular exercise style. It’s not gonna help your course in any way. This is why it’s advised you engage yourself with a variety of exercise types. With this, your chances of sticking to our fitness plan is about 100%, and you will equally love every bit of the moment. That is the simple power of variety. Its effective way of helping you stay with whatever fitness plan you have designed for yourself. Just explore different workout regimen, and find the ones that are most convenient for your kind of person.
  • Time For Recovery Is Very Necessary – Just because we want to stay in shape does not necessarily mean we’ve to indulge in exercises even when our muscles are too weak to take it. This will earn us some injuries, and that is not what anybody wishes. We’ve to design our program in such a way that you have some time for rest. This way our muscles will be very relaxed before we commence every session. Hence, we make sure there are breaks between our various workout sessions.
  • Have It On Paper – Why do we think so many people do the talking and can’t do what is required. They really want to do it, but they cannot even remember how they mapped out their fitness plans. So for us to have a very effective program, all we do is to have it penned down on paper. This way we can always look back towards the paper, and remember exactly how we want the fitness plan to be. It also helps to put us under check because whenever we look at the paper we remember that we have something to do.

Possible Side Effects

The only side effects that we are bound to suffer from this that we stand a chance of putting too many pressures on our muscle, and this is not too good for our consistency. Well, it’s only possible when we are implementing the program that is way above our level. That is why we have to know our level. Apart from these, following the program is very safe.


We have learned so much about how to make the fitness dreams come true. We have equally learned about how we take some extra steps to ensure us get the needed results. The very first thing that was mentioned was that we should try to specify what our goals are. This will help us in choosing the right plan for us. It was also stated, among other things that it is not good enough to say it with our mouth, but it’s actually much better when we put it down in writing. If we have chosen a plan, and we are having trouble implementing it towards the latter, then we can try out the above steps. It’s sure will help you to post your test in the Philippines or you will surely attain your desired goals soon, just be sure you will not stop.

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