How to Lose Weight Without Exercise and Dieting in a Month


It is very possible that there are a good number of people who still believe that rigorous exercising is the only way out when it comes to getting rid of some extra pounds. If you belong to this group of people, you better wake up; you do not want to be put in the same category as the Stone Age people. The world has gone more lapses than you can imagine. It simply shows that you’re still lagging behind regarding information.

There are actually more weight loss strategies apart from exercising than you can imagine. This article will be putting you on this subject, so that you’re very informed in this regard. You’re about to discover very effective ways of getting rid of your extra fat without having to subject your body to strenuous exercise routines. Here you go.

Best way to Lose Weight Without Exercise in a healthy way

  • Slow Down When Eating And Chew Your Food Thoroughly

This may sound too simple. Well, that is okay, at least for anyone who really does not understand the nitty-gritty’s of eating. As a matter of fact, this point is so important that you cannot take it out of the equation of weight loss.

You need to make sure you eat foods slowly because whenever you fail to do that, you end up eating more than is required. You need to help your brain when it comes to this. Give your brain time to process the fact that you’re okay at the moment. To add to this, when you chew your food it helps you to eat slowly equally. This way, you wouldn’t need to eat so much before your brain will realize that you’re okay. It is more of a trick that you need to play on your brain.

  • Smaller Portions Of Unhealthy Foods in Smaller Plate

Being realistic simply means that you will always crave for foods that are not too good for the body. Not so many people can discipline themselves to the point where they will not go close to such foods.

This can be a little bit difficult for you to achieve especially when you have been so used to eating so much in this regards. The easiest way to have this executed is to have the food size served in a small plate. This way your brain will think you’re eating much. This will eventually cause you to consume less of those unhealthy kinds of food.

  • More Protein Is what You need for natural fat loss

Most people still have not realized that protein is very powerful when we starting putting nutrients under the microscope which will help us to lose weight without exercise. That is, whenever you intend to take a close look at nutrients. It has assumed this status because protein gives you this feeling of fullness, and it equally makes you eat less. By so doing, your chances of getting involved with extra calories will be reduced to almost zero.

Most experts attribute this feature of protein to the fact that it can affect several hormones that can promote hunger in our body. There was a particular study that was carried out in these regards. The results of that study indicated that an increase in the intake of protein by 20% helped to reduce their daily calorie by 441. This will, in turn, cause a weight loss of about 11 pounds in 12 weeks.

  • Keep unhealthy foods out of your reach for healthy weight loss

A good number of persons have actually failed in the aspect of trying to keep them disciplined in how they attend from unhealthy foods. The truth is, unhealthy foods will always be there. The question is how do you intend to avoid them? Or better still, what are you doing so that we could avoid them in order to lose fat? If you are in the category of people who have failed in their bid from staying away from unhealthy food, you will know that it is not the best option to keep such food within sight.

Try as much as you can to keep such food completely out of sight. If possible keep them out of your reach. This sacrifice is nothing compared to what you will be paying when you now start dealing with the problems that are associated with being overweight.

  • You need foods that are rich in fiber

This is just another class of food that makes your brain think you’re full. It prevents you from eating as much as you would have eaten. It increases your satiety, hence, making it possible from staying longer than usual.

A particular study has shown that they’re a special kind of fiber known as a vicious fiber is especially useful in weight loss.

This fiber is known to form a gel whenever it comes in contact with water. This gel is what increases the time it takes to absorb nutrients, and slows down the time it takes for the stomach to get empty.

This particular vicious fiber can be found in plant foods such as oat cereals, beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, etc. which are very helpful to lose weight without exercise.

  • Regular water intake

We take a look at this point, and we are like, “This is way too easy!” we may even start asking how this can be effective in this regards. Well, how wrong can we ever be?

Drinking a lot of water can help us lose and burn fat in the most unexpected fashion. It’s because when we do that, we eat less in the process. It even becomes more effective when we take some water before we start eating.

One study was carried out to establish this, and the results indicated that drinking about half a liter of water before any meal actually helps to reduce hunger as well cut down on the total number of calories consumed for that day.

  • Eat Without Distractions

There is a small group of people who find it most interesting to have their meal only when they are watching their favorite television programs. This is not only absurd, but we are also putting ourselves at the risk of increasing our calorie for no just cause.

Eating while distracted can make us lose track of how much we have eaten. Keeping a perfect track of how much calorie is going in into our system, we need to be 100% conscious of what we are taking. This is why we are discouraged from eating while with some of our electronic gadgets like your mobile phones and the rest.

Avoid Stress and Sleep Well to Lose Weight Without Exercise

The human body can be such a complex entity time. We may ordinarily want to think that your stress levels and an amount of sleep have nothing to do with how much you’re eating. We may be wrong. Ever heard of the term “Stress Eating”? The idea that people eat when they get stressed? While this is known to be more pronounced in certain persons, there is every likely possibility that a human may want to eat more when he or she becomes heavily stressed.

Research has shown that upsetting sleep and stress levels have a way of interfering with the hormones that are responsible for hunger. Hence, whenever we allow this, our body tries to react to this development by encouraging us to eat more than is usual.

Depriving yourself of real sleep and getting involved in things that can stress you too much may increase your chances of having to deal with several diseases later on. Especially diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Possible Side Effects of Losing weight without exercise

Are there any possible side effects that can be experienced when we try to cut back on our extra fat by these methods? The answer would be probably No. these are very safe means of getting rid of your extra fat. In fact, they are considered much safer than regular exercising.


In conclusion, in order to Lose Weight Without Exercise, we must have been convinced beyond every doubt that there are now so many ways of having our excess fat troubles taken care of without having to go through the rigors of exercising. While exercise can be considered as a good method of cutting down on our extra calories, these no exercise methods are much better. We do not really need so much before we can implement these weight loss strategies. As stated, we may have to be more aware of what we are taking so we can get maximum results. This is the only thing that will be required for best results. Other than that, these are perfect weight loss alternatives.

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