How to lose weight Fast and safe at home


Yes, it is possible to lose weight at home with little knowledge and little effort. In this era of globalization weight gain has become the common problem and many people spend lots of bucks to shed the extra weight. Hold on, think a second why don’t you train our body, you listen better what our body tells rather than some trainer who regulates you. You prepare your own diet you plan your workouts. People mostly depend on trainers and nutritionists to shed the extra weight and completely rely on them, this is your body, and you know it well what fits for you and what not. Listen to your body set your rules and start losing weight by yourself.

There are many tips to be followed to lose weight at home, starting a diet, workouts, etc. Let’s briefly discuss some of the easy tips but with significant returns.


Avoid packed and canned foods

The first reason for that overweight is an unhealthy diet. Focus on what you eat. Avoid processed foods, canned foods; foods that contain added preservatives are not good for health. Processed foods are a lack of nutrients and fiber and are rich in carbs, which don’t balance what our body need. Avoid deep fried items and foods that are stored longer. Added preservatives disturb the metabolism of our system.

Stick to the schedule

Yes, it is the most important thing you have-to-do, once you think of losing weight start following your schedule without skipping any routine. Here makes the difference between the paid trainers and following home-based tips. Trainers are regular, and they yield results why don’t you be regular and fetch results without fail.

Avoid vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are rich in fats and fatty acids, which are not good for health. Go for steamed and boiled food instead of food that is prepared with oil. If you can’t then replace the vegetable oil with olive oil or coconut oil, which reduce our appetite, also our triglycerides present from the coconut and olive oil burn the calories.

Avoid sugars and sugar products

This may be bitter to digest, but its true sugar has a significant role in weight gain. It is said that sugar is called as white poison. Sugar triggers our insulin and blood glucose level in your system, which leads to diabetes. Intake of sugar also leads to heart diseases. Carbonated sodas also contain a high amount of sugar, which also to be avoided. One of the surveys in America stated that 60% of the obesity is caused due to intake sugar-sweetened beverages. Cakes, cookies, chocolates, corn syrup, cane crystals, pancakes, sweets are also in your not to do list. Fruits that are rich in sugar must also be avoided however natural sugars are not that harmful as refined sugars do.

Increase intake of proteins and fibers

To digest the protein body burns extra calories, so make sure your food is rich in proteins. Protein food also keeps your stomach full for longer hours and thus you eat less. Taking fiber rich food also makes you feel full, and fiber also absorbs fat in your body.

Drink more water

Keeping your body hydrated is very important when you are following any diet plan. Drinking water not only makes you feel full but also cleanses your kidney removes waste from your body and help the metabolism of your body. Water mixed with the slice of lime can replace beverages and carbonated sodas. Drinking a glass of water before meal decreases your calorie intake. The more you drink, the more calories you burn.

Reduce the intake of carbs

Choose the low carb diet rather than foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Carbs are hard to digest and accumulate in our system in the form of fat. Carbs are in rice, white bread, white flour, pasta, vegetables that are rich in starch, sweets, milk. Go for those foods that have healthy carbs such as fruits, barley, and beans. All carbohydrates are broken down into sugar in our system, which triggers the blood glucose level if you consume foods, rich in carbs. 4 calories are present in 1gm if carbohydrate so chooses wisely and go for low carb diet.

Plan for a small portion of meals many times a day

It is popularly known from the book “French women don’t get fat”, that having a small portion of meal 5-6 times have better results rather than eating full meals 3 times a day. Eating 5-6 times a day doesn’t only make you feel stomach full all the day, but also its easy for your system to digest a small portion of food and you feel lighter all the time.

Regular workouts

Don’t miss out workouts. Once you plan of shedding weight apart from the diet workouts also play a significant role. There are many ways of workouts, which can be done on your own without any help of the trainer cycling, walking, jogging, cardiovascular exercises. Yoga asanas are also one of the tremendously used methods to lose weight. Yoga added with meditation has more benefits, which relax the mind and body. Various postures in yoga benefit all parts of your system. Suryanamaskar has popularly used asanas.

Apple cider vinegar

This is among the most tried weight loss tip at home. Have a 1table spoon of vinegar mixed with 1 glass of water, drinking this helps in breaking down of fat cells and reduces the fat in your system. Apple cider vinegar is the natural product thus doesn’t have any side effects. But don’t expect for instant results, have patience and have it regularly before meals thrice or twice a day or early in the morning. It helps in reducing the belly fat. When buying apple cider vinegar chooses wisely go for those organic ones, which is natural.

Add more green to your food

Include more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet rather than cooked or fried ones. Having more fruits and vegetables increase the fiber content, which is good for metabolism of your system. Fruits and vegetables are more of water content and contain more nutrients, easy to digest and keep stomach full and are energy rich foods.

Apart from these, there are many other techniques that can be followed at home to shed the extra weight

  • Drinking green tea helps in burning fat in your system. Green tea mixed with honey and lemon has good results. Replace tea and coffee with green tea, it contains antioxidants. Green tea removes the bad cholesterol HDL present in our system.
  • Having lukewarm water mixed with honey as soon as you wake-up early in the morning also reduces the fat in our body.
  • Include probiotics in your food that maintain our proper digestive system. Probiotics are live bacteria that are present from our intestine and burn the fat present from our intestine and removes the waste.
  • Get enough sleep, and insomnia leads to weight gain. Getting enough sleep is important for proper functioning of our system.
  • Ginger juice mixed with honey also controls the blood sugar level and aids to shed weight.
  • Don’t stick to one place for a long time, make yourself move very one hour. If you have to stick to one place for long hours, then stretch your legs arms move our body.
  • Eat more seafood rather than red meat. Include salmon in our diet. Seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which maintain the LDL level in our body.
  • If you want to have, snacks go for any healthy ones such as fruits, oatmeal cookies, baked beans rather than fried foods.
  • Go for any organic foods most of the time which are natural, choose brown rice if you want to have rice added in our food.

Possible Side Effects

Though these are the widely used methods for weight loss but some people may get side effects after using some methods. A sudden diet change may lead to lowering the blood pressure levels and may feel hunger all the day. People who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and some long illness and who are on medication can’t follow the diet of their own choice without consulting doctor. So, ask a doctor before you plan to lose weight at home.


Don’t get over by the hurdles you face in your starting week, be strong enough go-ahead and become fat to fit. Set the goal of losing weight and accomplish a goal. Make losing weight a fun game rather than struggling hard, enjoy what you are doing for yourself. Prepare your mindset your system for any changes you are going to see in the near future which makes you happy.

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