Healthiest Beer That is Good for weight loss Diet Plan Reviews


A recent information that has rumbled the jungle of beer drinkers, is the fact that you could lose weight by simply taking some glass of beer. Am sure this has hit you like a flash. It is okay or natural to respond to such information with an ounce of skepticism. However, this is what this post will be focusing on.

Are you overweight and you also happen to be a consumer of beer? Do you know that the answer to your troubles may be in that glass of liquor that is seated right in front of you? Take your time and go through this post carefully and find out for yourself how this can be made possible. Also be on the lookout for the types of beer that will be most suitable for weight reduction purposes.

How does beer can help you to slim down?

This was the result of a recent study by a group of researchers at Oregon State University. According to the result, xanthohumol, a kind of flavonoid that is present in beer and hop helped mice in weight reduction as well as the reduction of the cholesterol levels.

The study actually focused on male mice. Hence, they split them into two groups. They fed both of them with a diet that was high in fats. What differentiated both groups was that they gave a particular group between 30 to 60g of xanthohumol each day in all the twelve weeks.

The result was that those mice that were given the xanthohumol ended up cutting down their cholesterol levels to a very safe level (about 80%). They equally lost weight in contrast with their counterparts that did not take xanthohumol.

This is exactly how beer can help you lose some extra weight. It does it simply by the help of xanthohumol. You can also say it’s a product of absolute brilliance even though it’s not 100% proven. The important thing is that beer drinkers now have something else to talk about other than just getting themselves high in the act. They can now bother about how they can adopt a drinking pattern that can help them lose weight in a long run.

The other side of the research is not as cheering because it was concluded that before you can actually have this weight loss effect experienced, you may need to drink as much as 3500 pints of beer within a short space of time. This report does not encourage the act in a certain way. However, it’s nothing to worry about, as there should be some weight loss effect in a glass of beer. No matter how small the effects, the must be some effect when you consume one glass of beer.

The next section of this post will be containing the list of beer that can help you in losing weight comfortably. Coupled with this outline will also be a small review on the various drinks.

8 Best and Healthiest Beer that Might Help you to slim down

  • Bud Light Beer

This is a beer that is prepared from a combination of different aroma hop. Bud light is both imported and American grown. It’s equally a combination of rice and barley malt. Its refreshing flavor and easy to drink nature has put it in number place of light beer from the world. It includes a calorie of about 110. This beer is a classic for any American. It’s crispy nature simply makes it hard to resist regarding consumption. It’s what a beer should taste like. You can consume bud light for your weight loss purposes.

  • Sam Adams Light Beer

Sam Adams Light has been categorized as a unique beer. They emphasized it’s not in the class with the Boston Lager. It’s only the drink that is brewed traditionally to ensure that there is a balance of taste and satisfaction. With a calorie of 128, you can be glad of consuming the Sam Adams Light because it has a zero after taste. It has a complex flavor though. Its been regarded as one of the few beers that is light regarding calories but quite heavy on a hop.

  • Red Horse Beer

Another great beer for your drinking pleasure. It starts out with little carbonation, and the rest is history. This beer becomes headless immediately it’s served. It has an appearance that looks pale and smells like banana. Some people do not like this brand for reasons best known to them. Our focus, however, is the fact that it can be used to cut down excess weight. You can count on its sweetness, and a calorie of about 100+.

  • Beck’s Light

Most people categorize this beer in the same class with the European drinks. It’s because of the simple aroma it has. They also believe it lacks that skunk odor that is normally associated with most beers. The good part is that it’s a low-calorie drink with a calorie of 64. It’s what has made it gain some popularity amongst its drinkers. It’s just perfect for your weight loss benefits.

  • Colt 45 Beer

This beer is also fairly low in calorie. This is a drink that has raced its way from obscurity to glory. It may not be the most recognized drinks in the circle of the heavy drinkers, but it certainly gained its ranks by being a fairly healthy drink. It is highly convenient for your weight loss benefits. You may have a contrary view about this drink, but that does not change the fact that it’s been of great help to those who don’t want to gain weight on the process of drinking.

  • Heineken Light

The ideology of the producer of this drink is that simply because the drink is low on calorie does not mean the drink has to be low in taste. A good number of persons have decided to stick with this brand of drink. They have made it their preferred choice because of the great taste as well as it low calorie nature. You can hop on with this group of persons who have chosen this drink as their brand. If not for anything you can go along with it because of its low calorie nature. This beer has a calorie value of about 99.

  • Miller Lite

Miller lite is also sometimes referred to as lite. This is another great brand that has competed favorably with other products in the American market. Most people have decided to adopt this drink type for so many reasons, but one good reason is the fact that it has weight loss benefits. In other words, it can be consumed without the fear of being overweight in the process. This beer has certainly distinguished itself with its calorie value of 98. It is an excellent choice if you do not want to get some excess calorie into your system.

  • San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer

If you have taken theSan Miguel Pilsen before then, you will not find it difficult to relate with this drink. It is basically regarded as a summer drink. It is believed to be most convenient for most people in the Philippines who are actually starting out as beer consumers. The good part about this drink is that its calorie value is actually low which implies a low alcohol level as well. If you are thinking of taking a beer, and not adding too much on your weight, then this could be a nice option.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects that could result in our consuming excess alcohol. You could experience things like dizziness, excess calorie and some other. You may want to be on the lookout for how you are consuming yours, so you do not exceed your limit. This is very important. Apart from the problem of excess consumption, it can be regarded as a safe choice for your weight loss benefits.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, it is very possible that you have been dazzled at some of the information you have come across in this post. Well, there is no need to feel bad about it because most people equally felt the same way the first time they encountered this. The long and short of it is that you have learned so much about how beer can help you in the quest to drop some extra pounds. You were equally exposed to some brands that could help serve the purpose. Maybe you should stop contemplating, and give it a try straight away.

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