Best Tips To Burn More Calories and Lose Weight Without Exercise



The idea of burning off some excess calories shouldn’t really give anyone sleepless nights. This is because most people already hold a wrong view on the subject, by thinking that one can only get rid of their excess calorie when they engage in exercises. Not everyone can get results in these regards. As a matter of fact, some persons can’t even stand the idea of exercising, let alone engaging in it.

This post is gonna be very useful to you if you happen to be among this group of persons. This article will be exposing you to a couple of ways you should get your calories reduced without actually getting involved in any exercising. The methods are quite simple to implement, all you need is to read through carefully and find out the ones that are best suitable for you as an individual.

Walking Around Can Really Help

We must not only engage in rigorous exercises before we should get results in this regards. We can equally get our calories reduced when we try walking around. These days people love to get to their destinations as soon as they can; the very reason why they love to get there by any other means but on foot.

If we have more calories than our system actually requires then we could have a change of attitude. We should start walking our way to certain places. By the time we make this a habit, it’s really gonna help us burn off those calories. However, if we are not the type that is very comfortable with walking, we could achieve the same results by engaging in biking.

The Stairs Are Much Better of

Humans have become so dependent on technology. Don’t get me wrong; technology has helped us in different aspects of our lives. However, having to deal with our excess calories simply means we could prefer the traditional method of walking the stairs to using the elevators. This has been nothing but an amazing discovery. This is because we could burn as much as 20 calories when we walk our stairs for 2 minutes. Think of it; this can really help us reduce our calorie level without us having to do so much. Hence, if we are not a fan of working out, then we have to make walking the stairs our new formed habit.

An Active Lifestyle is Key

It’s very easy for us to sit in one place for a long time, and not do anything. This is very dangerous for our health most especially for those who are highly sedentary in their lifestyle. If we want to be in control of our calorie without engaging in exercises, then we could be a person with an active lifestyle. Trying to move as much as we will really go a long way in helping us cut down on our calorie level.

Hence, even if we work in an office where we have to sit in one place for a very long time, we may develop the habit of trying to move away from our desk every once in a while. By doing this, it will really help us in the long run.

Ensure We Have our Chores Done

It’s much easier for us to leave our chores out of our day to day activities. In other words, people find it a bit difficult to observe all their chores on a daily basis. Well, know it now, we may help burn off a few calories when we faithfully observe our chores on a regular basis. It’s really not gonna get any easier than this.

Getting our chores done is not rocket science, it just means that we should tidy up our bed, wash the dishes, put things in their right order. Do these before we dash out for our work or studies or whatever it’s that we do on a daily basis.

We Can Squat While We Dry our Hair

This might sound very awkward too so many, but it remains a fact that has been proven by the experts. People spend a great deal of time in the course of drying their hair. We may actually take advantage of the plenty time by squatting while we are blow-drying our hair. It’s because squatting helps to burn off more calories than we imagine. We may even go further by squatting while we are having our teeth brushed. Doing this will only set our day on the right path.

Be Flexible

I am sure it’s no news to you that a lot of people live their lives in such a way that they have become so rigid. Improving your flexibility is gonna help you burn off some extra calories. You can stop seeing yourself as someone who is too rigid to do certain things. Try to see yourself as someone who can do anything. Flexibility in this context simply means the ability to do anything. It’s equally another easy way of getting the job done.

Get Used To Drinking Ice – Cold Water

For obvious reasons, it’s understandable when various people prefer their water taken at different temperatures. Some prefer it taken at completely room temperature while others prefer it taken at much lower temperatures. Whatever your choice is, this post is gonna respect that. However, it is time for you to learn that you may get benefit more when you take ice-cold water.

You might skip the act of taking your water at room temperature, and have it taken ice cold. This is very good because your body goes into hyper mode trying to produce heat that can balance the cold temperature that would have been generated by the iced water. So it is very simple, the more ice water you drink, the more calories you are gonna burn.

Laughing Aloud

Are you the type that loves to laugh out loud just once in a blue moon? You might make it a habit. Besides just having the fun you have ever wished for, doing this can really help you greatly in getting rid of some unwanted calories.

In other words, no more trying to hold yourself back whenever you feel like laughing out loud. Do it as often as you have a need for it because your body is gonna appreciate you for it in time to come.

Drinking Lots of Water

This one works like a charm. One of the tricks of burning off extra calories is to increase your body’s metabolism rate. This is exactly what you set your body system up for when you drink lots of water.

It is also good for you to drink enough water during our day because it helps you to get rid of fluids and toxins that are initially retained in the body. Taking like 8 glasses of water on a daily basis will really help a lot in this regards. For more effectiveness, make sure these 8 glasses are the ones that are taken in the absence of any meals.

Go For Healthy Fats

It is easy to get misled when it comes to how you should consume fats. Well, that is one of the reasons you have come to this platform, because you want to find out the truth. There are healthy fats. On the other hand, there are equally fats that are not advisable for your consumption. Do whatever you might ensure you are only taking healthy fats. So what are these healthy fats? Some of them actually include: egg yolk, oily fish, nuts, extra-virgin oil, nuts and clarified butter.

Possible Side Effects

Getting to rid yourself of some extra calories through exercise is an excellent choice, but getting the same results without exercises does not in any way put your life at risk. Applying the tips above is not gonna harm you in any way. It is absolutely safe for you to make use of any of the above-mentioned methods.


In conclusion, you have been exposed to a couple of fantastic measures that can give you lasting results when it comes to getting rid of unwanted calories from the body. You have equally learned that exercises are great, but they are just one of the measures from getting the job done. Sticking to the above-mentioned methods is a much easier way to get your calories reduced compared to engaging in any rigorous workouts. This one sounds like a much better alternative.

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