Acai Berry Juice in the Philippines Reviews


Nowadays, more and more people are turning away from sedentarism and fast food and back into a healthier lifestyle and healthier eating choices. If you are one of these people, or if you have the interest of living healthier, you may have heard about superfoods before. If you haven’t, it is not the name of a crime fighting superhero group (although let’s be honest, that’s a movie we would watch!). They’re a group of food products that, for their many nutritional and healthcare properties, have been deemed as the best foods you can consume to be strong, beautiful, and healthy. Recently, the Acai Berry has been in the spotlight of superfood advocates, trying to earn a spot amongst the healthy food options available for people who want to take better care of their body. And it’s a pretty strong candidate!

What is Acai Berry Juice in the Philippines

If you don’t know about them yet, Acai Berries (pronounced “ah-sigh-EE” berries) are native to the tropical areas of Central and South America, in the Amazon rainforest. Acai berries grow in grape-like clusters on the acai palm tree, which can grow to be as high as fifty feet tall. The berries look a lot like blueberries but have a dark red, almost purple color, more reminiscent of a cherry. Their flavor has been described as a rich, wild berry flavor, stronger than that of cranberries or other types of berries, and a little bit on the sour side. Some even say that acai berries taste a bit like dark chocolate!

But if the delicious taste is not enough to convince you to try them, read on and find out more about this tiny but powerful fruit.

Acai Berry Juice Benefits

Acai berries can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. In fact, acai berries have been eaten for centuries in their native land due to their high nutritional value, as well as their legendary healthcare properties. Now, because they are, like all berries and fresh fruits, highly perishable, it’s more likely that you will find acai berries in the form of acai tablet or capsule supplements, acai oil (especially in skincare products) or acai juice. The berries themselves are flash frozen with nitrogen shortly after being harvested, and then turned into acai juice. Don’t worry; the processing does not affect the berries too much, and you can still get all the benefits from them!

Nowadays, people all over the world can get to enjoy their benefits thanks to companies such as Organic, which is a California-based company dedicated to harvesting acai berries in the Amazon Rainforest and process them for all families to enjoy. Organique’s products are sold in the USA and Canada, several European countries, Asian countries such as Dubai, China and Japan, and now also in the Philippines. All their products are USDA Organic Certified, which means that you get what you’re buying: gluten free, vegan-friendly, non-genetically modified acai berry juice, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

So, why acai? Much like blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and other berries, acai berries are rich in antioxidants; in fact, studies say that they may have the highest antioxidant levels of all berries! Antioxidants are substances which help your cellular metabolism and slow the aging process. Acai berries are rich in Phytosterols, which can aid you in keeping your skin healthy and young-looking by maintaining adequate collagen levels and preventing premature wrinkles, and help prevent and fight autoimmune chronically degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (by slowing down cellular degeneration and easing the swelling and pain associated with the disease) and certain types of cancer. Antioxidants help fight off free radicals (which are harmful microparticles that are found in the environment, such as pollution particles) at the cellular level, which means that they can boost immunity and help fight off infections caused by a virus, bacteria, certain types of fungi, and other harmful elements.

Due to their high concentration of resveratrol (known worldwide for its health properties and sold as a supplement) and oleic acid (a fatty acid that belongs to the omega fat group), acai berries may be even more helpful for your heart’s health than drinking the famous glass of red wine. This is because of a special type of antioxidants called anthocyanins, present in grapes and -therefore- in wine, but even more so in acai berries and, therefore, their juice. Anthocyanins reduce bad cholesterol buildup in the arteries and promote a healthy blood flow, which can help maintain a healthy heart (although their effect on blood pressure is still unknown), as well as increase libido and improving your sex life by sending blood to all the right places.

Organic Acai Berry Review

Acai berries are low in sugar and high in fiber, which means that they can help digestion, fight off constipation, and be powerful allies for weight loss. They are one of the few fruits that contain monounsaturated fat, apart from avocados, so consuming them can help obtain a “full” sensation, which is useful in dieting regimes by reducing the amount of food you feel you need. They also help increase your energy naturally, so you have the energy you need to exercise and complement your weight loss plan. These berries have also been used for centuries in their native land to treat gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea and ulcers, and they are excellent for detoxifying the body.

Finally, their high calcium concentration is excellent not only for bone and teeth health, but also for combating swelling (especially menstrual bloating and cramps) and even aiding sleep, which helps with overall energy levels and helps promote memory, cognition, and overall brain health. This could promote a healthy brain aging process, even help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, per some studies.

Where To Buy Acai Berry Juice

These are only a few of the many benefits that acai products have, and the great news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to the Amazon Rainforest to get these amazing fruits. Like mentioned before, getting the actual berries can be a bit complicated because their low sugar levels also mean that they spoil much faster, but you can get acai berry juice and acai berry supplements at the healthy foods section of most major supermarkets, such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club. In the Philippines, Organique acai berry juice and supplements (all of them FDA registered in the Philippines) can be found at Watson Drug, Manson Drug, Med Express, among many other stores. You can also buy acai juice online (Organique’s online shop can be found here: Or, if you prefer supporting local business, ask at your local health store.

Acai Berry Juice Side Effects

Of course, acai berries are great, but they’re not perfect. Acai berry juice and acai berry tablets or capsules are not medicines, but supplements, like vitamins or calcium tablets. However, you should consult your doctor before taking them, because, like with all foods, some people might present an allergic reaction to acai berries and their byproducts -like acai juice or acai oil. Large amounts of acai might affect people taking medicine for high cholesterol and diabetes (by altering the medicine amount required), and you must let your doctor know if you’ve eaten acai berries if you’re getting an MRI test (magnetic resonance image), as it can affect the interpretation of results. Also, remember that acai berries are fruits, and while acai berries are very low in fructose (fruit sugar), they may be harmful when eaten in excess.

Also, acai berries have only recently been considered as a superfood and used in supplements, so most supplements are not yet FDA approved. Also, research on the benefits of this berry is still very new, and further research is needed to know all that it can do for you. Like all supplements, the products can only help, but they are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent diseases, nor are they a substitute for your doctor.


All in all, acai berry juice is a superfood option worth trying, as its benefits are many. Acai berry juice and supplements can be a little pricey, at $59.99 USD or Acai Berry Philippines Price at 2500 PHP (Philippine pesos) for a 32-fluid ounce (946 ml) bottle. However, given all the benefits, and that the serving size is only 30 ml and contains as little as 40 calories per serving, the price balances itself out with all the benefits you can get from the product. Make sure to shake well before serving, keep it refrigerated, and get the most out of this amazing product.

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