8 Top Causes of Becoming Overweight


When the issue of overweight is being discussed, some people attribute it to being caused by lack of will. How much of this is true is what you are about to find out. This simple formula for handling weight gain would have been just to lose more calories than you are consuming. Well, it’s not as easy as that because human behavior can be a bit complex. Our human behavior is actually controlled by so many biological factors like hormones, neural circuits, and genetics. Biological processes can control eating behavior like any other behavior.

Hence, for anyone to say that getting heavy is a simple result of one’s willpower, that may not be entirely correct. Not to worry, this article will be addressing the subject correctly by pointing you to various factors that are likely to bring about overweight. Read carefully, and see how you will be able to avoid these causes.

This section of this article we will contain in details various things that are responsible for causing overweight in most people.


Most people would normally disagree on this one, but you need to know that getting heavy has strong ties with your genetic components. People whose parents are heavy stand a higher chance of becoming heavy themselves. It’s not the same thing as saying that being overweight is completely controlled by your genes. Our genes are not like computer components that garbage out whatever is put into it.

This kind of signals we send to our genes actually determine what genes will be expressed over the others. Take, for instance, people in less developed societies have a higher tendency of becoming heavy when they start eating foreign type of diet especially the western diet. In this instance, you will find out that our genes are unchanged, but the environment and the kind of signal that has been sent to the gene are different.

Junk Foods

This one sounds very familiar, right? Over 90 percent of the world’ population should have known this by now. It’s probably the major contributors to becoming overweight. Today’ food is far from being natural. They have gone beyond just being processed. They are now just a bunch of chemicals.

The producers of these unhealthy foods make it last longer by including enough preservatives. They also taste so good that you can hardly control yourself when you have them. These foods are just too palatable. Their marketing strategy is simple, buy once, buy more and buy again!

Most of these processed foods don’t actually look like the foods we used to know back from the days. All you do when you taste them is that you just become hooked on them. If you didn’t know any better, you might be tempted to think that they must have put some sort drugs in it.

Being Addicted to Food

This one works perfectly fine for some people. They just want to eat and eat and eat, and think they can just get away with such habit. You must know that these modern foods actually helps with stimulating our appetite causing you to eat more than is usual.

Another thing that can stimulate you into eating more than you intend to, is the use of drugs like alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and cannabis. What you need to know is that you can become addicted to eating junk food. If you are the weak type. It’s why people lose control over the way they eat, just like those who lose control over the way they drink.

Addiction is complex, and it’s something that can be tricky when you try to overcome it. It is better not to set it off in the first place.


This is an important hormone that cannot be sidelined when you are talking about regulating energy storage. One of its responsibilities is from alerting our fat cells to store fats. The western diets have a way of affecting the insulin levels in our bodies. When this happens, it brings about a cumulative rise in the level of insulin in our body. This rise in insulin causes energy not to be distributed equally among the cells in your body. This way, your body lacks energy for its own use.

The best way from regulating your insulin level is to cut down on your carbohydrate intake. When it’s done, your calorie intake is consequently affected, making it possible for you to lose weight.

Some Medications

There are so many drugs that can bring about weight gain as their side effects. A perfect example is the medications that are used to combat disorders like antidepressants, diabetes, antipsychotics, etc. The said drugs affect the way your brain and body function making it impossible for fat burning.


Another hormone that can be regarded as a culprit in making people becoming overweight is leptin. This hormone is manufactured by the fat cells. It is responsible for sending messages to the part of our brain in charge of food. Telling it that we are full, and need to stop eating. People who are overweight have lots of leptin and lots of fats. Their challenge is that their leptin isn’t sending any signals to their brain. For whatever reasons, your brain has completely become resistant to it. It’s simply regarded as leptin resistance. It’s one of the basic causes of gaining too much weight.

Availability of Food

One more reason why people are getting overweight without breaking a sweat is that junk foods are available everywhere we go. It has become so common that they even sell them in gas stations. Moreover, these unhealthy foods are much cheaper in developed countries like America. While in developing countries, the junk foods are more expensive. For those in the developing world, is like using our own money to harm us.

When we bump into the local stores in the neighborhood, they are all there. They live inhabitants with little or no choice to indulge in the act every once in a while. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why people are becoming unavoidably overweight in the developed countries.

Sugar Intake

Sugar! Sugar!! Sugar!!! This is one of the most common factors that are responsible for becoming overweight today. We know how people cannot stand the idea of having food that does not contain any form of sweeteners. It is unfortunate, but it has become the order of the day. People do not seem to realize how much harm they are doing to themselves when they walk this path.

When we consume excess sugar, it changes the chemical balance of our body. This has a way of contributing to our weight gain. We get our glucose from all kinds of foods. However, we seem to get fructose from only added sugars. The more we take in fructose, the more we are elevating our insulin levels; and when our insulin level eventually rises, it may cause leptin resistance. It is not as useful as glucose.

It’s the area so many people have failed to look at. Added sugar is nothing but trouble. If e can stay away from it, then do not hesitate to do that. As a matter of fact, it will pay us enough to stay away from it. It does not appear so much as if we have a choice in this matter. It’s by far the right thing to do. Doing it will save us a lot of hassles eventually. Hence, for us to be on the safe side of the divide, we are advised to reduce our sugar consumption.

Side Effects

Will there be any side effect when we try to cut down on those acts that have been mentioned above. Our answer is a big No. We won’t suffer any side effects when we are not overweight. It does not pay us in any way to be overweight.


We have learned so much about overweight and how it’s influenced by certain factors. We have seen how it is more than just self-will. We need to put a lot of things into consideration before indulging in any food type. We also learned how important it’s for us to avoid being addicted to junk foods. This is because the moment we set off our addiction in this regards, it’s hard to stop. For us to effectively control our weight, we must make sure we are on the lookout for these things that have been mentioned above.

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