10 Tricks to Include Fruits and Vegetables to your Weight Loss Diet


Most people are aware of the importance of having veggies in their diet, yet they can’t help but try to keep a safe distance from it. Wrong information! This could be the only reason why people try to stay away from vegetables. Most people think of eating vegetables as the consumption of raw plants. Implementing vegetables in our diet does not necessarily mean that you have to eat as much plant as you think. Well, this article will be making you understand how you could eat a lot of plant based foods without actually eating plants, as most people perceive it to be.

This is certainly going to be an interesting piece, most especially for those who are not too comfortable with vegetables. You may want to be very careful as you go through this post, as you are about to expose the 10 Tricks To Include Vegetables and fruits In Your Diet.

It’s no magic; we are about to discover how you could slip in a few veggies during the course of your meal and still enjoy maximum satisfaction. These various methods are just indicated to you how easy you may have your veggies and still get all your desirable pleasure from your food.

Eggs with Breakfast for good fat loss

Sometimes people look at it as so difficult when you’re trying fro, including veggies as part of your diet. Including veggies to what you are having does not necessarily mean you will have to eat plants, just like most people think. It could be as easy as just including eggs for our breakfast. It’s a very healthy choice for anyone who wants to get proper satisfaction, and at the same time, does not want to compromise his or her health status as well as for better fat loss. For those who normally love to start out their weekends with a lot of eggs, they can make it a brilliant choice for containing vegetable, and they can be sure of maximum nutrients.

Minced Broccoli to Your Scrambled Eggs for fat loss

Just like it has been rightly emphasized above, you may enjoy your food when you include vegetables. Whoever believes that the inclusion of vegetables to any diet will actually ruin the satisfaction that comes with consuming such diet is simply making a huge mistake. Why not just go ahead and add some broccoli to those scrambled eggs of yours. Yes, it doesn’t get any easier than that. The best part of this combination is that the broccoli addition does not change the texture of the eggs.

Cauliflower Into Your Scrambled Eggs for good digestion

There are more ways you may quietly snick in some vegetables into your meal and still have your diet look as pleasant as it would have been without you adding it. One of these very fantastic ways from adding cauliflower to your scrambled eggs. It’s more effective when the cauliflower is steamed. It goes perfectly well with Tuna salad or chicken. This simply tells you that you may get your nutrients served to you in the best ways possible without you compromising the nature of your food, specially if we want to lose fat. As a matter of fact, the inclusion of vegetables to your diet seems making it a lot better.

Breakfast Sweets Are Not Left Out for your weight loss

Including vegetables to our meal for the sake of getting maximum nutrients does not only mean we have to apply it to main meals. We could pack our muffins with carrots and zucchini. It simply tells us that you can include vegetables in just about anything we intend from having for our consumption. Getting vegetables included in our side meals from our weight loss journey can be as much fun as it can ever be.

Butternut Squash Pancake or Pumpkin

Whenever we feel like getting busy on the table, try introducing some pumpkin into our pancake. It is just what we need, from providing our food with those extra vegetables. This is what it can always refer to as the ‘perfect mix’ with a perfect nutrient combination. This is just an indication from enjoying our meal without jeopardizing anything when we snick up some vegetables. If something as simple as pumpkin can make it happen for us in this regards then why are we holding back specially if we want to have a good fat plus weight loss balance? These are some of the questions we ought to start asking ourselves.

Breakfast Smoothies Should Include Greens for better fat loss

Quite a good number of persons that wants to lose weight plus have a healthy life would prefer some form of smoothie for breakfast. You can really make this much more interesting by including our greens to these smoothies. Just a little quantity of kale or spinach will actually go well with the most fruit smoothie. You can equally get results when we try the famous green monster by putting the following in our blender: one cup of milk, two handfuls of spinach, one frozen banana, and a tablespoon of almond butter. Hence, the general idea is just to include some green from our breakfast.

Avocado Smoothie for good fat loss

We do have a lot of choices when considering the smoothies. This is because we can also make use of avocado smoothie. This one is just as perfect as the green smoothie. The avocado smoothie is great for breakfast. It will provide us with the essential minerals for our body, plus helps to balance our fats. The avocado is not just restricted for a great breakfast, but it can also be considered for a great snack. It contains more than we can imagine. Being packed with vitamin E, vitamin B6 and healthy fats are what makes it a great choice.

Carrot Smoothie

The last two sections of this post have concentrated on smoothies – Avocado and a green smoothie. But do we know that we can get as many nutrients when we decide to make do with carrot smoothie? Without mincing words, this is another great choice. The carrot smoothie is a much-preferred choice to our carrot juice because unlike juice that quizzes out the liquid, carrot smoothie still provides us with all the parts of the carrot. This way, we can get all the nutrients that are meant to go with the carrot. The fiber present in carrot can also be of great benefits.

Mac and Cheese

This may be regarded as something that is more loved by kids, but the truth is that it won’t hurt anybody from trying it out. It doesn’t take anything for one to finish a box of this. Hence, whenever our craving for this combination sets in, we should do ourselves some good by slipping in some vegetables. When you do that you are sure of some extra load of nutrients. Tomatoes, spinach, and peas are good choices to add for your mac and cheese. It will interest you to know that preparing your mac and cheese from scratch is much better as it helps to make it taste a lot better than the others.

Be Watchful Of Your Salad Dressing Content

Don’t you think it is high time you asked yourself what the content of your salad dressing is made up of? The regular thing on everybody’s salad dressing is vinegar and classic oil. However, if you are still using the things mentioned above, then it is about time you switched to making your dressings highly vegetable based. Some things that could get you started on this path are zucchini, tomato, butternut squash, etc. you do not need to leave your salad dressings the way it is, you can spice things up with what has just been mentioned, and you will be very well on your way to getting maximum nutrients, plus maximum fat loss.

Possible Side Effects

What we ought to be aware of during the course of carrying 10 Tricks To Include Vegetables and fruits In Your Diet practice is that vegetables still lack some basic nutrients. It is even better when we include it to other meals; it makes the nutrient combination a superb one. Apart from these, there is really nothing we need to worry ourselves about in this regards.


If you happen to be the type that finds it extremely difficult to make vegetables your preferred choice for your weight plus fat loss journey, then you should have had a change of heart by the time you are done with this 10 Tricks To Include Vegetables and fruits In Your Diet. You have been able to find out for yourself that eating vegetables goes beyond eating just plants. This post has equally exposed you to more fun ways to include veggies in your meal without ruining the satisfaction that is meant to go with it. Hence, there is no need for you to despise vegetables the way you do instead of go ahead and give it a try, and you will never regret you ever did.

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