Atkins Diet Plan, Food List and Menus For All Phases to Get Best Results. Complete Reviews


Nowadays, people’s awareness are increasing, for the need to stay healthy as they live out their lives on a daily basis. Research has now shown that People can stay healthy by simply observing a proper Meal Plan.

The subject of a good food plan has become too important to be disregarded in any way. Your health status is as good as your food plan. This article will be a reviews for this plan and it will be centered on a particular food plan known as the Atkins Diet Plan. If you leave in the Philippines, United States, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom or any parts of the world this food plan can be used by any person.

A good read is all you need at this point in time to make sure you get a good grasp of what the Meal Plan is all about, and how it can be properly implemented in your day to day life.

What is this diet plan all about?

The Atkins Meal Plan is an incredible food plan. This is because it encourages as much protein and fats as you can tolerate with a very heavy restriction on your carbohydrate intake. This food plan focuses mostly on your carb intake.

The Atkins Diet Plan has been particularly interesting to particularly those category of persons who find it difficult to stick to those diet programs where they have to cut down massively on their fats and protein intake.

This same set of persons almost perceives weight loss as a kind of punishment simply because they find it virtually impossible to be faithful to those food regimen. If you belong to this category of persons who want the easy way out in terms of weight loss programs, then this meal plan will be a good choice.

History of the Atkins Diet Plan

Just so you get your bearings right on the subject, it will be actually nice to know how this diet program came to be.

There has been so many studies and research regarding this diet programin the past years. Although most of the success of this diet programseems to be concentrated around the past 12 years. During this period, statistics gotten from various research has been able to prove that you can reduce your weight by simply reducing the amount of carbohydrate you consume.

It was also established that low-carb diet does not only promote weight loss, but it also helps to promote a much healthier lifestyle. These were the findings and conclusions of the various studies that were carried out in this regards.

The very first person to have touched on the advantages of observing the food plan was Dr. Robert C. Atkins. He was so passionate about his findings that he wrote a book in 1972 about the subject. Since then, this Meal Plan has become more and more popular with those in the weighted and non-weighted community.

The Food Plan never found it comfortable in making its way to the minds of many people. This was because it was originally perceived to be harmful to the body since it is a diet programthat helps people to promote the consumption of as many fats and protein as you can take. The acceptance status of the Atkins food plan remained that way for some time before it was later proven that saturated fats are actually harmless to the body. It was this discovery that turned the tides for the Atkins Diet Plan.

That is to say, that since this discovery, the Atkins Diet Plan has been approved by health authorities.

It will surprise you to know that with the help of various studies, it has been established that low-carb diets have been more effective in weight-loss than their low-fats diets counterparts.

This is one of the reasons why most people are making this diet program their daily companion. The Atkins Diet Plan is simply astonishing in effecting weight loss.

How does the Atkins Diet Plan work?

While the secret behind this food planhas been unveiled a long time ago, surprisingly it has still remained a mystery to so many people. This is because people are still amazed at how such a diet plan that promotes a lot of fats and protein intake can help in the reduction of weight loss.

It is very simple, with this food plan, you tend to eat less of carbohydrate and more of fats and protein. This will, in turn, lead to your reduction in your calorie level. What this means is that you get to reduce your calorie intake without having to cut down on things like fats and protein.

In other words, you are reducing your weight without having to punish yourself in the process. This is why most the people who want to reduce or maintain their weight always prefer the Atkins Diet Plan.

More on the Atkins Diet Plan Phases

For you to be very effective with the Meal Plan, you have to follow all the rules to the latter. This diet programis actually divided into four different stages. Listed below will be the four stages.

First Phase and Stage

This stage is also known as the introduction stage. This is where the dieting plan kicks off from. Your success in this regards actually depends on how you start with this first phase.

To effect this stage, you have to ensure that your maximum carbohydrate intake is not more than 20grams. Eat food with a high amount of fats, take vegetables with low carbohydrate and finally add foods with high protein. This actually sets you on your path to weight loss in a very convenient way.

Second Phase and Stage

This stage is referred to as the balancing stage where you add more nuts, little amount of fruits as well as low carbohydrate vegetables to your diet. This is particularly encouraged so as to sustain any weight loss effects experienced in the first stage.

Third Phase and Stage

This stage is regarded as the fine-tuning stage. This stage admonishes you to step up your carbohydrate intake when you are almost done achieving your weight loss objectives. You have to continue this until your weight loss begins to slow down.

Fourth Phase and Stage

This is simply known as the maintenance stage. In this stage, you are allowed to eat as many carbohydrates as your body can take without having to gain any unnecessary weight.

These are the four Phases and Stages that make all the difference when it comes to the Food Plan. Nevertheless, it must be stated that most people find it very complicated to observe all four stages without compromising at any point, even though it is considered as one of the easiest ways of effecting weight loss.

The challenges of observing this diet program have been mostly associated with the introduction phase. This is because while some persons spend more than the required time, others simply can bear to live this stage as soon as they can. This is why your overall focus should be on how to get your weight reduced rather than to focus on whether you are faithfully observing a particular stage or not.

Atkins Diet Plan Food and Menu Lists

Listed below will be a list of foods that must be entirely avoided when you are observing the Atkins Diet Plan:

  • Candy, cakes, ice cream, soft drinks and fruit juices
  • Barley, wheat, rice
  • Sweet potatoes and potatoes
  • Low-fat food
  • Beans, lentils, chickpeas.
  • Apples, bananas, orange
  • Corn, soybean, canola and cottonseed oil
  • Turnips and carrots

These are the example of some foods that you can have on the Atkins Diet Plan:

  • Pork, chicken, beef and lamb
  • Sardines and salmon
  • Pastured eggs
  • Spinach, asparagus, and broccoli
  • Cheese, butter, full-fat yogurt and cream
  • Walnuts and almonds
  • Coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and avocado oil.

The Meal Plan can be easily implemented when we align our food types with the above-mentioned food types.

Atkins Diet Plan Side Effects

There are some minimal side effects that can be experienced with the observation of this food plan. However, it must be stated that these side effects are only experienced because of the sudden withdrawal from the high carbohydrate food types. Some of the side effects are dizziness, headache, weakness, and fatigue.

Conclusion and Recommendation for this Reviews

Before we end this Atkins Diet Plan Reviews, it is important to understand that the food Plan is simply unbelievable in this regards. No one would have thought of reducing weight with such a eating plan. While this may still remain a mystery to many, it is still a fact that the Meal Plan has been an effective and efficient weight loss strategy. You do not need to deny yourself of so much simply because you are having your weight reduced. You can still have a lot of healthy fats and protein while you get your weight greatly reduced. This is the formula the Atkins Meal Plan uses, and it is as good as any other weight loss technique.

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