3 Day Military Diet Plan Reviews in the Philippines


You are badly in need of a perfect diet plan, and you happen to have come in contact with someone who suggested a 3 Day Military Diet Plan. On hearing such a diet type, what would have crossed your mind? Is it truly some kind of army diet? These are just some of the things you’ll be finding out yourself when you take time to go through this write-up.

This article will be shedding more light on what the 3 Day Military Diet Plan is all about. Hence, the next paragraph should naturally contain what an army food plan is all about.

What Is A Military Diet

If you had told anyone that this diet is some kind of food that is observed in the military, then maybe it is time to take back and retract that statement.

If you fit the above description, then you would probably be screaming right now at the top of your lungs ‘ Then What Is an Army Diet, if it’s not served in the military?’

This is simply a natural food plan that encourages weight loss, rapid burning of fats as well as setting off your metabolism in a very short time. It could be as short as a period of 3 days. Just like you are about to learn. Another beautiful angle to this whole food plan thing is that it gets the job done without having you go through difficult processes like exercising. It just gets it done perfectly.

Also, please do not forget that the food plan is much cheaper than we can actually imagine. May be even cheaper than what we are about to have for our dinner today. Yes! It’s that cheap. The food plan has become increasingly popular with time; this is why so many people are now beginning to adopt it for their weight loss benefits.

How It Works and Benefits

After following through on what the meal plan is all about, the next wise thing shall be to know how this particular meal plan works. How does it get the job done because it’s a little startling that you can lose weight within such a short period without taking any funny supplements?

This section of this post is going to contain most of the information you’ll need as it regards how this food plan carries out its weight loss activities. Knowing these things will even help you more in making the most of such a diet type.

Detailed below will be explanations on how this particular meal plan does its work.

Contains Little Calorie on its shopping list and menu

This is the first and most essential place to start from as it regards having this meal plan. It’s a food combination that is partly focused on drastically reducing your calorie intake. This diet simply ensures that you are losing more calorie than you are consuming. That is the secret formula behind its weight loss exploits. By the time you understand this fact, you’ll want to stay clear from anything that may likely increase the calorie level in your body.

Can Be Likened To a Fast

This can be regarded as a way of fasting because it allows you to consume foods with a calorie that is less than 1000. According to most food experts, when you start consuming food with that low amount of calorie it can be regarded as fasting. When this happens, the functionality of your entire body changes. The body will likely be trying everything to adjust to its new status.

For starters, it’s going to drop your IGF-1. This is what is responsible for disorders like diabetes. We can already begin to imagine how this particular meal type works.

Kick Stark Fat Burning Processes

This is like an engine starter for your fat burning processes. This is mostly made possible by the caffeine that is contained in this meal type. With caffeine, people lose weight, and the rate of their metabolic processes are increased.

The diet is a type of food that actually does it work stylishly. It helps you to lose weight, and at the same time, it supplies you with enough energy for your morning activities through increased metabolism rate.

Military Diet Tips

You can observe this meal plan for the required 3 days and still not get the needed results. Are you asking how? The reason is simple. It is because there is always a right and a wrong way to of doing things.

For this reason, this section is going to be equipping us with the tips that can aid us in getting the desired results whenever we embark on a 3 Day Meal Plan. Apply these tips, and we can be sure of very positive results. Failing to do what we are about to be told is only going to be negating the success from this.

The very first thing we need to know is that after going through the 3 Day Army Meal Plan, our body will naturally want to compensate for the food it has missed within the 3-day period. Our duty will be to make sure we do not eat in excess, as a way of trying to respond to our body’s needs. Go ahead and eat your normal rations.

Secondly, you do not need anyone to actually tell you that with exercises, you are going to get superb results from your 3 Day diet plan.

Implementing The 3 Day Military Diet Plan

This part of this write up will be enlightening you on how you can implement this plan. Hence, described below will be an excellent menu and food shopping list that can help you achieve this in within this 3 days.

Day 1

  • Day 1 Breakfast – having a slice of toast, 2 tablespoons of peanut of butter, 1 tea (black coffee is preferable) and half grapefruit is just what you’ll to kick-start your weight loss campaigns on the first day.


  • Day 1 Lunch – a slice of bread or toast, half cup of Tuna and one cup of coffee or tea is what you’ll need to follow up on your perfect breakfast. You have to observe this if you want to sustain the temple. This way, the effects will be very consistent.


  • Day 1 Dinner – At this point, the meal plan allows you to add things like meat to your diet. You’ll be needing any type of meat (3 ounces), green beans (1 cup), half banana, one apple (a small one will do) and a cup of a vanilla type of ice cream.

Day 2

  • Day 2 Breakfast – on the second day, you are required to set things off with one cooked egg, one toast, and half banana. Not much, you would want to say.


  • Day 2 Lunch – you’ll need a cup of cottage cheese, one hardboiled egg as well as five saltine crackers.


  • Day 2 Dinner – for your dinner, you’ll be taking a cup of broccoli, half banana, half cup of carrot, half cup of vanilla iced cream and hot dogs (2).

Day 3

  • Day 3 Breakfast – you’ll need to be most focused here since it is the last day. So you’ll start your day with some saltine crackers (5), cheddar cheese (1 slice) and one small apple.


  • Day 3 Lunch – for lunch, you just need one hardboiled egg and one toast (one slice).


  • Day 3 Dinner – half banana, one cup of vanilla iced cream and one cup of tuna is all you’ll to wrap up the whole exercise.

Possible Side Effects

The possible side effects that occasionally accompany this plan are things like nausea, vomiting, and lightheadedness. These are only minimally felt, as you should also know that it is generally regarded as a safe weight loss alternative. Hence you really should not be bothered about them.


In conclusion of the above, a person must have understood the true meaning of this. You also discovered how to make it produce very efficient results. This can be observed by almost anybody since it is just targeted at reducing your calorie level and increasing metabolism. You equally got to understand the menu that best suits the 3 Day Military Diet Plan, and you saw how it can be effected. The 3 Day Military Diet Plan is your best guess if you plan on losing some extra pounds without getting yourself engaged in too many stressful exercises.

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