Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Foods in the Philippines For Weight Loss


It is possible you have heard of the Ketogenic Diet Plan, and you have equally thought of identifying with it. The only problem you are having is that you do not really know what it is all about. You have been asking questions on the subject, but nobody seems to be able to give you a befitting explanation. In other words, you have no idea of how useful this diet plan can be.

Do you fit the description of the person mentioned above? You have heard of this diet plan, and it has really got you thinking? Do not rack your brain anymore as you are about to get all the information you need as it concerns the importance of observing the Ketogenic Diet Plan.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet Plan?

This is simply a meal plan that encourages the consumption of foods with low carbohydrate, high fats and a moderate amount of protein. The Atkins diet plan is also a type of food regimen.

It is the kind of food plan that discourages the use of high carbohydrate foods. It is also good to know that its popularity mostly stems from its health benefits. This eating routine is now used in the treatment of certain health conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, autism, as well as cancer and much more.

Before You Commence The Ketogenic Diet Plan

Nutrition experts always advise that you should consult with your doctor or medical adviser before you start this meal plan, most especially when you are having particular health challenges. This is more like a must for people who are having heart and kidney related diseases.

There are so many illnesses that don’t go well, with this food regimen. Trying to start this diet plan without checking with your doctor and seeking his professional advice is not the best thing to do. It is a sensitive meal plan with significant health benefits, but this does not stop you from knowing if you are fully fit to observe it. In summary, consult with your doctor to find out if you are fit to go on with this eating routine.

The Basics of the Ketogenic Diet Plan

This section of this post will be teaching you some general tips that will put you on track in terms of the eating routine. Like it has been mentioned above, this food plan comprises higher fats, low carbohydrate, and protein in moderate proportion. This is basically what the Meal plan is all about. There is really no big deal to it.

Basic tips for Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

  • One of the high points of this meal plan is that you track the amount of high carbohydrate you are consuming on a daily basis. You are expected to cut your sugar level to a very low level, precisely 20g per day. By way of contrast, you are also supposed to increase your consumption level of protein. However, the level of growth will depend on certain factors like height, activity level of the body and gender. Trying to increase your protein level way above than the required level will negatively interfere with the health benefits of it.
  • You equally have to be conscious of your calorie intake. A 75% fat calorie, 25% protein calorie and 5% carbohydrate calorie is a safe place to start from. This should be done on a daily basis in order to make the process very effective.

You should always remember that with this eating routine, you are almost swapping your carbohydrate for fats and maintaining a moderate protein level.

Must It Be High Fats And Moderate Protein?

Do not forget; the food regimen is not a eating routine that only focuses on weight loss. Instead, it is a means of equally getting rid of certain diseases. Having said this, the reason why this food plan encourages a lot of fats is because fats have zero effects on your blood sugar and insulin levels.

On the other hand, the amount of protein in your body can easily influence your insulin and blood sugar levels. Hence, if you eat more protein than your body needs, all in the name of increasing body size you could end up triggering an increase in insulin and blood sugar levels.

Starting Off the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Highlighted below will be various steps that can help you get underway when you have made up your mind about kicking off with the food plan:

  • Carb counting – this is an important part of this food plan. You must know how to track the amount of carb you are taking on a daily basis. There are so many information’s that will help you with this counting process. Make sure you are good at it because it is an important part in observing this eating routine.
  • Get Rid of High Carbohydrates – the moment you decide to stick with this eating routine, you are done with high carbs. There is no need trying to play host to any food that contains a lot of carbs. Go on a complete raid and get rid of any food that has any connection to high carb. This is the only way you can actualize this eating routine.
  • Low Carbs Should Be Available – do not make the mistake of clearing out your kitchen of high carb and you do not replace them with low carb. Make a run for the closest grocery store in your neighborhood and stock your kitchen with low carb foods.
  • Real Foods – you must have the right mentality about this meal plan. You need to know that this is not some type of packaged food rather it is just like your everyday food. It is just the nutrient level that is targeted.

So if anyone comes to you and tells you that ketogenic food plan is a kind of processed food, then you will have to stay away from such individual because he or she is only trying to get you ripped off. Also, learn to replace your sugar with fake sweeteners, they are less dangerous to health.

  • Cooking Your Own Food – if you do not know how to cook then now will be the perfect time to learn. This food plan is going to make you spend more time in the kitchen than you used to. You have to say goodbye to junk foods and learn how to embrace real foods.
  • Plan Your Meal – you do not have to take anything that comes to mind. It is best you draw your meal plan based on the nutrient needs of the Ketogenic Meal Plan. This will actually go a long way in helping you in this regards.
  • Remain Hydrated – your kidney is going to react to your sudden switch from high carb to low carb intake. What this means is that your kidney will be letting out water more than usual. This is why you will need to take more water just to see that you maintain a healthy water balance in the body.
  • Find a way around your appetite for high carb food in social gatherings – there is always a high possibility of you discontinuing your food plan when you are hanging out with your loved ones. This is one of the easiest places to ruin your ketogenic discipline. This is why you need to be on your toes at such gatherings and make sure you find a way around it, so as to aid you in maintaining your low carb status.

These steps will definitely help you start off nicely with the Ketogenic Diet Plan. Have these measures in place, and you are ready to go.

Ketogenic Diet Plan Possible Side Effects

The sudden withdrawal of your body from high carb foods is definitely going to trigger some side effects. One of such side effects is the reduction of blood sugar level. This is generally experienced during the first week of observing the Ketogenic meal plan. The good part is that with continued observation of this food plan these effects will gradually begin to subside.


In summary of the above content, you can see that the food plan is a rich food regimen when it comes to its health benefits. It was, however, stated that it is not best to start the program right away without finding out from your medical adviser if you are fit for it. The food regimen is just a natural way to help treat certain diseases. The Ketogenic Diet Plan may just be your answer to that health challenge.

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