How does Tequila Diet Drinks helps to lose weight in the Philippines


Yes, no wonder you read it right, tequila diet for weight loss. How come an alcohol drink can shed the extra weight, our respected scientists proved the fact. It is found mostly in the Mexican region. It’s made from natural sweetener that is found in agave plant; these sugars are called agavins. Though agavins contains fructose those are not equal to fructose which is found in other drinks, in agavins fructose are interlinked like a chain, our body can’t use them in that state, so that don’t affect blood sugar. Agavins help in controlling our blood glucose level. The study made by American chemical society in 2014 proved this fact, A study was conducted on mice, these sugars were added to the water which is given to the mice. These mice comparatively ate less and weight loss was seen along with lower blood glucose levels. Agavin sugars suppress the appetite and thus is useful for the people who have type 2 diabetes and people with overweight. The mice consuming agavin sugars also produced GLP-1 hormone that makes the stomach fuller and stimulates the insulin production.

Tequila Drink Benefits

This has many health benefits when It’s 100% pure. Let you know some of the benefits of drinking it leads to weight loss

Lowers blood glucose level

Unlike all other alcoholic beverages has less amount of sugars comparatively. It works well for lower blood glucose levels, Individuals who drink it have fewer chances of getting affected with diabetes. It also stimulates insulin production in your body. The lack of digestibility of agave sugars leads to low blood glucose level.

Eliminates bad fat and balance healthy fat

Unlike all other sugars, which are found in this which, are known, as agavin sugars are rich in fiber. Fibers won’t enter our blood stream and make you feel stomach full, by which you eat less. You might have heard a glass of wine each day will reduce cholesterol level. It’s same with tequila too. A shot or two daily will reduce bad cholesterol and balances our good cholesterol level. People suffering from bad cholesterol should have 1-2shots every day to reduce our cholesterol levels in your body. It helps with lower cholesterol levels in our body. It reduces our chances of weight gain and works well for losing weight.

It’s both probiotic and prebiotic

Fructans are discovered in agave sugars; these are a rich source of probiotics which is found in yogurt. Probiotics work well for maintaining the healthy bacteria in our intestine and especially help in the maintenance of the good digestive system and a healthy gut. Probiotics also help in relieving gas, curing diarrhea. On the other hand, prebiotics stimulates the growth of good bacteria in our intestine. It maintains the good environment in the intestine for healthy bacteria to survive.

Prevents osteoporosis

It’s good for bones. A study was conducted on mice, not directly with tequila but with agavin, a mice that are injected with agavin had strong thigh bones compared to other mice that are not injected. It helps in your absorption of calcium into our system thus maintains the healthy calcium levels in the system. Thus, prevents osteoporosis and helps in maintaining your robust and healthy bones.

Induces digestion

It helps to trigger our metabolism and strengthen our appetite. Shot before meal strengthens our appetite and shot after meal induces our digestion.

It curbs insomnia

Yes, tequila helps people who are suffering from insomnia, it relaxes our body and nerves and helps in soothing sleep. One shot before sleep not only helps with good sleep but also you can wake up with a fresh mind. Our body relaxes well with good sleep. It not only helps you to fall asleep faster but also contributes to sleep for long hours.

The best remedy for cold

It helps with curing sore throats and cold. If mixed with lemon which is rich in vitamin c, as you know vitamin c is a remedy for cold.

Prevents Dementia

Dementia is nothing but a disease of memory loss that is mostly seen in old age people. These people are baffled all the time. Individuals who have memory loss especially old people who forget all the time tequila helps them. Yes, drinking this sharpens our brain and prevents memory loss. But not a lot, just a shot or 2 a day.

Prevents constipation

As said before this contains probiotics which induce our digestion and thus the proper metabolism of your body. Thus, drinking can prevent constipation.

Low alcohol level

Tequila contains little to or no alcohol thus it doesn’t give hangover the following morning. Some brand may contain high levels of alcohol but 100% agave it has zero percent alcohol.

Acts as a stress reliever

Drinking little serves as a stress buster. It relieves your mind and body. People who suffer from prolonged chronic stress can have one shot for relief and which makes you feel better.

Cleanses our colon

Many drugs which are used to treat our colon doesn’t reach your colon as they are destroyed by the acids present in your stomach. Fructans are the only sugars which can’t break down by the stomach fluids. Thus medicines are combined with fructans and thus released which reach the colon and thus treat the disease. It’s only possible with 100% pure tequila other the wise the fructans are broken down ino ethanol which has all the side effects same as alcohol. It also helps with treating colon cancer, Crohn disease.

You don’t have to go for extra shots in the morning as it doesn’t give hangover, again if you take 100% agave tequila. It’s possible. Consuming this reduces anxiety thus maintains piece mind and body. Tequila even acts as a painkiller; it dilates your blood vessels by which your blood flow is uninterrupted thus reducing the pains. It’s said that drinking this can even improve your eyesight, but it’s not scientifically proven. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of It. This can make your skin to glow; tequila acts as a best scrubber for your skin. It helps with maintaining the healthy skin. Nowadays It’s even used in your beauty products. It’s known to be an energy source in future you may be wondered to see the tequila as the biofuel. Diamond films are also made using the tequila but not the big diamonds just the nanometric size. This is heated, and the gas is collected and gain preheated to for the molecules which then resulted from the formation of diamond crystals.

Possible Side Effects

Though many benefits are known there are also some side effects of drinking this. Too much of anything is harmful to the system. Having too much can lead to psychological problems and may make to get addicted to alcohol. It can lead to memory loss too. It disrupts the functioning of your kidneys and may result in fatty liver. Having a lot leads to a hangover and bad headaches. Many shots may lead to stomach ulcers. Drinking a lot affects your central nervous system and damages your brain. Drinking too much can also make you anemic. The above side effects are seen when you consume tequila in large quantities and which not 100% agave tequila, else tequila gives wonderful benefits to our system. Scientists still have to conclude how effective is agavin on the human body.


Having a shot once a day is certainly a benefit. If you are addicted to alcohol, then It’s good choice. The weight loss with this is only the evidence not with all other alcoholic drinks. So, if you are with friends and want to have a drink then go with tequila. It’s not that you have to drink tequila every day or before every meal but when you don’t have any choice rather than to drink then go with tequila. Who are waiting for weight loss doesn’t have to sacrifice everything in life Though It’s not scientifically proven with our human body you can replace alcoholic drinks with tequila from next time onwards. It’s not expensive nor has any side effects other than individuals who are suffering from serious long-term medical illness. Consuming alcohol when one is on a strict diet of tequila for weight loss is not a good idea, but having tequila is not a bad idea. Have a shot stay slim.

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