The 3 Day Egg fast Diet Plan For Weight Loss Philippines


Ever heard of egg diet plan? What were the things that came to our mind when we first heard of this diet plan? What could we possibly use this diet plan for? These are some of the areas that will be covered in this post.

Hence, if we have been interested in knowing a thing or two about this food regime or maybe we have not heard about it before now, then we have come to the right place. This post will be addressing all your concerns in this regards. All we have to do is read through the article carefully, and we will be able to make the most of what will be said.

What is 3 day Egg diet plan all about

This is simply an eating routine type that is based on eggs only. The origin with this has always remained a mystery, and it will always remain a mystery to so many. We may already be asking ourselves how this type of food routine can be useful to anyone in anyway.

It is true that people are mostly advised to stay away from taking too many eggs, but that is simply because of the amount of cholesterol that it contains. However, with the help of this article, we will be learning how we can make the most of an egg food plan for our health benefits. In other words, after going through this write-up, you should be able to know how best e can make use of the meal plan.

History of Egg Diet Plan

Just like it has been rightly stated above, the egg food plan has had a long history with the overweight community. It has been nicely appreciated by those who want to lose weight, most especially those who want to do it in a rather unusual manner.

There are so many celebrities that have identified with this type of food regime. As a matter of fact, if egg diet is becoming increasingly popular by the day, it’s simply because these famous figures are quite familiar with it.

Margaret Thatcher was a former British Prime Minister, and she was one of those who made good use of this food regime for weight loss benefits. She had made use of it before the 1979 elections. People were initially very skeptical about this food regime, but as time went on things began to change, and today you can say it’s becoming more and more popular because of the many research that has been carried out in this regards.

To better support, the effectiveness of this food regime was the confirmation that was put forward by a certain Michaels. She had published in her book that it was possible to lose some extra pounds by going on this food routine for some time. For the sake of accuracy, she actually said it is possible to lose about 28lbs of weight during your two weeks of going on this program.

More Information On The Egg Diet Plan

This plan is like an advanced version of the Atkins diet plan. For those who are already familiar with the Atkins diet plan, they won’t find it any difficult to identify with this. The egg diet plan is a low carb based food routine type. It encourages us to start our meal with eggs as the basic source of protein, that is during breakfast. We are also expected to take half grapefruit alongside. This is just to make the entire process very useful.

As for lunch and dinner, we are permitted to take eggs and salad together with any low-carbohydrate food type.

This food routine type generally allows us to add very limited amounts of yogurts, grains and some selected vegetables. Michaels, a renowned food expert also stated in one of her publications that we can slow your weight loss by just adding fat to your eggs during preparation. She also suggested that fat-free preparation methods like poaching and boiling are better off.

Restrictions of This Diet Plan For Weight loss

Just like any other eating routine type, this section of our write-up will be talking about what and what is permitted with the egg diet. According to Michaels, the beverages of this type actually allows you to take grapefruit juice and water together with some black coffee (should be unsweetened).

The proteins that are permitted to go with the eggs are lean sources like skinless chicken and fish.


The egg diet plan strictly limits us regarding our carbohydrate and calorie intake. As established by the American Egg Board, a single egg should contain 70 calories. It provides us 6g of protein. One egg contains 185mg of cholesterol; this is equivalent to sixty-two percent of what is recommended for our daily consumption. That is why we are always advised to stay on one egg per day. This is because two eggs per day exceed your normal cholesterol value.

Eating two eggs and grapefruit for breakfast drops our calorie level for that meal to less than 250. If you do the same for lunch and dinner, then we will end up getting less than 1000 calorie at the end of the day. However, according to Harvard Medical School, it is unsafe for anyone to consume foods that will produce that low amount of calorie especially when the person is not under any form of supervision. In other words, people are advised to make sure they have a proper consultation with their doctors before they start this eating routine type.

3 Day Egg Diet Plan

In most cases, if we want to get rid of our excess weight without embarking on the use of exercises then our best bet would be some form of dieting technique. This is what this article is all about, and now we are about to discover the menu for the egg diet that can help us lose weight within the shortest possible time.

Detailed below, is what this meal plan is going to look like.

  • Day 1

The first day of every meal plan is always special, and the egg food plan equally presents you with that feeling. On your first day, you could start off with 2 tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs plus a cup of green tea for our breakfast. It is just perfect. Avoid putting sugar in the tea. For your lunch, you can have 2 egg whites, a cup of green tea and 120mg of boiled or baked fish. An apple would be most suiting for a snack. As for your dinner, steamed vegetable bowl is good enough.

  • Day 2

On your second day, you should commence your day with two boiled eggs, one cup of tea and one banana. For your lunch, two egg whites with a cup of green tea are just what you need. It is also permitted for you to take 120mg of skinless chicken along with your servings. You may want to skip your snack and go straight for dinner. A slice of rusk, a cup of milk and 120g of cottage cheese is just perfect for your dinner. This way, you can get some unwanted calories off your system.

  • Day 3

On the last day of the eating routine, you can start your breakfast with two boiled eggs and a glass of tomato juice. For your lunch, it is okay to take two egg white, one cup of green tea and 120g of cooked red meat. For dinner, baked potatoes (2), a glass of green tea and green salad is just what you need. This is just a perfect way to round up your 3 day weight loss program.

Possible Side Effects

The possible side effects that can be experienced with this meal plan is that you stand a chance of increasing your cholesterol level, and when this happens, it can become problematic. Well, you do not have to worry so much about that if you can religiously follow the 3 day egg diet plan that was described above.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This Egg diet is a great food regime in the Philippines if we want to go by any standards. We have learned what this meal plan is really all about. We also learned about the components of this type of eating routine. It is good to consult with your doctor before you start with this particular diet type. We should also make sure we are following instructions properly so we can get maximum results. Just understand that this egg diet plan has come to stay. This is because countless people around the world are already making good use of it

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