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Santa-Clarita-DietThe Santa Clarita diet is Netflix newest horror-light comedy about an ordinary family that suddenly turned extraordinary; when Sheila, the wife of Joel and mother to Abby, transformed from living a routine life to a new adventure of being the undead. The show reminds us to live a life the way we always wanted.

Santa Clarita diet Netflix

Sheila: “Don’t do anything, OK? Just relax. I’m dead; it can wait until tomorrow.”

Netflix newest TV series for this year has aired their pilot episode last February 03, which tells a story of a new breed of modern zombie.

A horror-light (or should I say, dark) comedy story of an ordinary family; whose husband Joel and wife Sheila, both a real estate agents living in a suburban life with their cynical teenage daughter, Abby. Unlike any other movie and TV series that talks about the gruesome, gloomy, disturbing life and usually the very selfish ways (thinks only of eating a human flesh) of becoming a zombie. This series shows us the other side of being one (except for its stomach-wrenching scenes), not just because of by being beaten and thus are being infected but because of some other factors that may affect the person to become one. It may come from unknown sources of disease or virus that surrounds us. It also shows us that being the undead does not mean it will be the end of us, as Sheila’s new adventure will start not for her being alive but now being the undead cannibal. A simple, family woman trying to attempt to get to know how to maintain her new flesh eating diet while remains a decent wife, loving mother and a good citizen even when she knows she’s already dead. Sheila’s extraordinary transformation from mortal to immortal will change how you will look at your family and the way you will live your own life. Get to know the difference of the mystery of life, the mystery of death, and the mysterious undead life.

Diet Plan for the Undead

Surprisingly, there is a diet plan for the undead! The Santa Clarita Diet that Sheila maintains to improve her body and energize her mind. A high protein diet that can keep her on the move and can benefit the zombies of our society. A must try a diet that should be followed faithfully to put the undead in their right place. It worked for Sheila, maybe it can work for you too. A rule about how zombies are made, kill and behave; that being a zombie feels great.

Human support

We, as humans know absolutely how to live our life, with its up and down, in every circumstance given to us. However, transforming to be somebody you don’t know existed will turn our world upside down. We need people to support us in every possible way, especially our family and friends. As for Joel and Abby, trying to figure out Sheila’s situation, they manage to embark a great deal of effort to get to know the real cause of her dilemma. How and where did she get the virus? Where and whom to call for this matter? They’ve accepted their new lifestyle as Sheila continues to change her behavior and becomes erratic. Thus, the undead has no impulse control. While Joel, the supportive husband, put aside his morals and help his wife to kill humans to satisfy her needs and to survive into the world of the living, and still can act as if nothing is wrong. If Sheila doesn’t eat, she will go wild and attack her loved ones, and her body will start to decompose, but Joel is positively looking for answers in finding the cure for Sheila.

Craving is a must

The thirst and hunger for human flesh are the most prominent evidence of the undead. The transitions stage, which is, an increased appetite of raw meat straight from the fridge and then later on the impulsive act to kill animals and humans just to get the freshest meat. Once, Sheila tasted a human flesh or a human organ she cannot go back on eating uncooked minced meat again (her body can only digest human flesh). In this stage, Joel needs to look out for the alternative way to give Sheila the right dosage of freshest meat by killing people and buying a corpse off the morgue has been an option.

Chasing Neighbors

Know thy neighbors. As for Joel, where can you find the easiest way to get food for Sheila than by getting to know your neighbors? The couple decided to come up with the criteria to justify whom to kill to get the suitable and freshest meat for Sheila. First, take only the bad people to lessen your guilt; they deserve to die first anyway. Take and kill someone that no one will be going to look or missed for them; someone no has no family. The paranoid cop “Dan”, who always get suspicious with their every move and “Gary” the co-worker, that tried to get and blackmail Sheila. Second, take advantage of the situation or “accident” that may come on her way for food. A road rage incident that eventually killed the driver and eaten by Sheila. Now, the Hammond’s family must keep together to keep it a secret.

Meal Preparation & Table Manners

There is no difference between human being and the undead when it comes to table manners and meal preparations. Both should have to remember to chew the food well and prepare what you only need to consume. Do not overeat, as this may cause excessive vomiting.

Santa Clarita Diet Review

Sheila is a “living” undead testimony of how effective and powerful the Santa Clarita Diet Plan. Her life being the undead, add meaning to her meaningless life then. The dull (routine of daily life) relationship between husband and wife, challenged by the nerve-breaking truth about sudden change that brings “death and destruction”, that turn out in a positive result. Joel’s love and unending support for Sheila to survive being the undead give him another reason to love her and not to lose her in the process. That sometimes a geek and nerd neighbor is the one you can call when something strange happened before you seek professional help. That myth and other elements of unbelievable facts will soon reveal itself. That being a mother to her child will not stop even after death. That a good daughter will be there for her parents when you least expected. That having a strong family ties is important when everything about your family fails.

Who would have thought that Sheila, being a zombie will change her for the better; a more energize, confident, and competent Sheila of today.

The Santa Clarita Diet does not only change Sheila in the process. The people around Sheila did change too; Joel, the husband realized how important his family and will protect them whatever the cost may take. Abby, Sheila’s daughter become more aggressive and she’s responsible for finding professional experts for her cure. Thus, make Abby more beautiful in the eyes of their neighbor Erik.

However, the show reminds us too that holding on to our loved ones does not prove that we love them unconditionally; and by continued holding on will eventually put you in situations you’ll never imagine. The love we give to our loved ones can either make us or break us as a person. It depends on how the person can handle what is already given. Teach yourself the art of letting go, especially to your loved ones. That will be the final test you will have to take to prove how much that person meant to you. Finally, live the life you always wanted. Be the person you know you are. Don’t wait for circumstances or even death to come over before you have to realize to live. Shit really does happen. And life goes on no matter what happen.

While to the living, a type of diet can be like these; “Eat healthy, live longer”. A few changes in your lifestyle can add days to your life. Balancing your life will determine your days on earth. How you handle stress in your daily routine can affect your body and mind in a negative or positively way. Family, friends, and the people around us are mostly the ones that contribute this factor. They say, “what you eat is what you are.” Foods that supply the body for protein and nutrients like freshest meat from animals and different kind of fruits and vegetables. Also, how you feel about yourself does matter.

The diet is almost the same. Decide who you are. Are you still human or are you already undead?


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