Eating Salad Diet For Weight loss and total fat loss results


You may have wondered why you go from some social gatherings, and you notice that some people who look very healthy, well fed happen to request for the only salad when they want to eat. This is what you’re about to discover in this post. How to make the most of a salad diet when it comes to getting your fat loss dreams actualised.

Most of the information we will need in this regards will be contained in this article. Just take our time and go through it from beginning at the end, and find out how we may relate from it.

More Information About Salad

All greens are not the same; you must have this at the back of your mind. The green salads are the most reliable options when the salad is being considered as a fat loss alternatives. Salads are very much preferred in your food servings especially when it is meant to replace a high food based. This is the main reason why eating green on a daily basis will go a long way in helping you actualize your fat loss dreams.

What Your Salad Base Should Look Like

This section of this article will be making our understanding how our salad should look like. What and what should make up our salad, so that we may get maximum results. Whenever we decide to put a greens together, we can leave out the iceberg lettuce, and go for the highly nutritious greens. Spinach, arugula, and kale are all perfection options for dressing our salad base. A cup of kale actually contains as much as 8 calories. We are advised to use 2-3 cups of greens to prepare our main dish. A cup of kale actually contains as much as 25% of whatever quantity of vitamin C your body will need as well as most of our vitamin k requirements. We know how essential these vitamins are when it comes from: building healthy tissues, proper blood clot, and strong bones. This why ensuring these as part of our green components cannot be overemphasized.

Building our Salad To Enhance Satiety

Greens do not contain enough protein and fiber, and this can actually affect your level of satisfaction. For you to correct the issue of satiety in our green meals, you will need to ensure that the lack of these nutrients is properly compensated for. In other words, there are some other necessities you need to make available in our green meal if you really want to get the best from it.

Hence, if you’re trying to prepare a dinner out of your green, we can include grilled chicken breast on top of your greens alongside with half-cup of chickpeas or any other beans. To improve the fiber level in your meal, add broccoli, sliced carrots, tomatoes and asparagus tips.

A green comprising 3 ounces of chicken, chopped broccoli and a half cup of chickpeas produces about 300 calories.

We can try to switch your salad ingredients everyday, so you do not get bored with the regular constituents. A good instance would be to use salmon in place of the chicken and cannellini beans in place of chickpeas.

Weight Loss Tips For Eating Salad

If what we are putting together is not a meal of salad, we can try taking salad before our main meal. This way, we will be able to reduce the quantity of food we will be eating. A study has been published in the Journal of the American Dietic Association in this regards. The results of the study indicated that when we have a good chunk of low-calorie salad as a side dish during lunch, we are bound to eat less when we’re taking our main meal.

The study also shows that when we eat big greens with some more cheese, you’re bound to experience an increase in your calorie levels. This is to say, whenever you’re trying to prepare your green, should go for lean protein and vegetables rather than making use of high-calorie foods like cheddar cheese. We can also put some lemon juice or red wine on top our salad dressings so it can have a better flavor. This will only contribute very little calorie to the food.

Learn to replace your high caloric meals with greens. Take, for instance; it is healthier to have a 300 calorie salad with chicken for lunch as against having a fast-food chicken. This simple switch in your eating habits will save you as much as 250 calories. Another thing is some nutrients that will be supplied to your body. You can be sure of more nutrients when you consume greens as compared to when you’re consuming fast foods.

When you stick to this healthy type of food plan, you end up saving yourself approximately1900 calorie per week. Are you asking of what importance is this figure? Well, you should be aware that 3500 calorie adds approximately1900 one body weight.

Combining the consumption of healthy foods like a salad with a regular exercise is absolutely fantastic for a weight loss program. You can be very sure of having best results in this regards. The majority of fitness experts recommend you engage in aerobic exercises 150 minutes every week coupled with a few training exercises twice every week.

What You must be careful of

It is, however, wrong knowledge for you to think that eating salad is an express ticket to later indulge in high-calorie foods. This was a conclusion that was reached after a study had been carried out. The study showed that those who went shopping in supermarkets, after buying healthy food types like kale ended up buying some high caloric food at that same moment.

Unfortunately, there have been some other publications that have also misinformed people as regards how they combine salad and high caloric foods. Thinking that you can consume these high-calorie foods and magically wish your weight away is like some big joke. This has never been, and will never be healthy for anyone’s consumption. Whenever you do this, you’re simply doing it at your own peril.

If you truly want the best results as regards having to lose weight with salad, you must observe every guideline that has been suggested here. That is, you have to observe them from the latter. The easiest way of making this happen is by staying away from high-calorie food. Even though it may be difficult at first, you just have to discipline yourself and make sure you’re going only on low-calorie food.

Best Ways To Prepare our Salad

This is in total agreement with what has been said at the beginning of this post. We do not expect to get the same results by using any kind of greens. The way we prepare our greens has a lot of effects when it comes to helping us out in our weight loss struggles. Below will be some beautiful tips that can help us out when we are putting it together.

  • It is highly advised that your salad dressing is mostly oil based.
  • Mixing up your greens will also be a good idea. Using only one type of green may not give you maximum results.
  • Lean protein is much preferred.
  • You can make it more fun by adding other vegetables and fruits to your greens.
  • Do very well to do away with the croutons. This is very important. You have to avoid it altogether.

Observing these simple tips will really go a long way in helping us achieve maximum results in this regards.

Side Effects

There are little health concerns we may want to be aware of when we make up our mind to take greens on a daily basis. This shouldn’t give we too much cause for concerns anyways, as all we need to do is get in touch with our doctor and he will be able to tell we how best we can go about it. Apart from that, it is regarded as a very healthy fat loss program.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, we must have realized that this is a weight loss strategy that is currently being explored by so many. It has been tested and proven by many, and it can equally work for we. Nevertheless, never try to assume that we’re licensed to take high-calorie food simply because we’re on a salad diet. It is like expecting one good choice to make up for all the bad choices that we have made in the past. It does not work that way. We will have to stay away from high-calorie foods. This is the only way we may sustain our weight loss effects.

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