7 Day General Motors (GM) Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss Reviews


You’ve suddenly grown impatient with these slow weight loss alternatives. Hence, you’re now in search of a weight loss strategy that is quick and will give you results in the shortest possible time. The sad part is that nobody seems to understand what your needs are, simply because they don’t believe that there are quick weight loss procedures that can help you out in this regards.

If you fit the above description, then you’ve stumbled onto the right platform. For Filipino starters, you’ve to be applauded for considering a quick weight loss strategy. This article will be exposing you to a diet plan that has existed for decades. It’s all going to be about this 7 Day General Motors (GM) Diet Plan in the Philippines.

As such, read through this post carefully and you’ll enjoy every bit of your employing this unique diet type.

What Is 7 Day General Motors Diet Plan

Trying to figure out what this meal plan is all about, by simply taking a look at the name won’t do it. Your food regime is a nutritional guide that has been designed for one purpose, which is to address overweight in a very drastic fashion.

This is surprisingly useful even without any exercise routines. This has actually existed for decades. However, there are still people who seem to be in the dark in this regards.

Hence, this General Motors Diet Plan is nothing special but a meal regime that is meant to help you achieve your weight loss objectives is the shortest possible time. You could always expect many people to subscribe to such a quick result weight loss alternative because they prefer to get rid of their extra weight without subjecting their bodies to too much stress.

You, however, still need to realize that there is always a price to pay for anything you do in life. As for the General Motors Diet Plan, you could only achieve expected results when you follow all the guidelines to the letter. In other words, you must ensure you’re observing the diet plan 100%.

A Little History of The General Motors Diet Plan

The General Motors Diet Plan has been around since 1985. It was initially put together by General Motors for its employees. As a bid to ensuring that its employees are always fit and free from any extra weight problems, General Motors along with the United States Department For Agriculture and the Foods and Drugs Administration had to come up with this food regime.

Another reason for this was to achieve maximum productivity since it was aimed at improving the workers’ state of health.

The results obtained from the whole process was nothing but highly impressive. It was discovered that employees lost up to 17 pounds in just a period of 1 week. This was where other nutrition experts now borrowed a lead from, and today this is now advertised on the front burner of this campaign for effective weight reduction.

How Does The General Motors Diet Plan Work

The way these meal works is quite different from the way other weight loss meals work. Although it’s very obvious they all have a common goal.

The first thing this food regime does is that it changes your eating style. You’ll be limited to eating just things like: vegetables, fruits, chicken and brown rice. It will equally make you take in a lot of water during the period of seven days since this is a perfect way to have your weight reduced.

Highlighted below will be a 7 day guide that can help you in perfectly implementing the routines of such a food regime. It’s however, advised that you consult with your medical adviser before you start implementing this 7 day meal Plan. If you’ve been cleared by your doctor, then we could simply follow the guidelines below.

  • Day 1

On your first day of kick-starting this great food regime, you’re expected to take fruits excluding banana. We could take any variety of fruit but avoid banana. On this day, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Just so you’ve got a proper guide, we can take fruits like cantaloupes and watermelons because they are believed to be rich in fiber. Some other great choices for this first day would be apples, oranges, and papaya.

Bear in mind that you must take between 8 to 12 glasses of water. There is no point trying to starve yourself here, doing what you’re told is just good enough.

  • Day 2

On day number two, you need a variety of vegetables. Some excellent options to this effect would be beans, carrots, vegetables, lettuce, and cabbage.

Your meal regime for your second day has to be the only vegetable if you do not want to ruin this objective of this meal plan. If you want your vegetables to be enjoyable during eating, then it is okay for you to cook them.

You must stay away from oil on this second day. As such, we can forget about your favorite chips. We can have your vegetables any time of the day. Using oil or butter for your flavorings is also allowed.

  • Day 3

The third day is a combination of fruits and vegetables. As for your choice of fruits and vegetables, we can make use of what you used in the first and second day. It is just that you’ll need to stay away from banana and potato.

By the third day, it is expected that your body has properly adjusted to the diet. The fruits vegetable combination will supply your body with lots of protein and fiber.

  • Day 4

On day four we can now have your favorite bananas. This will sound most pleasing for those who have had so much cravings for banana. Precisely eight bananas along with 4 glass of milk is what you need to remain on track.

These eight bananas have to be taken over the course of your day. We can have them during your meal and snack times. Just make sure it is distributed evenly within those times. Also, try to consume a big glass of milk three times a day.

  • Day 5

You need to consume 6 big tomatoes along with either a cup of brown rice (vegetarians) or fish or chicken breast (Non vegetarians).

You could see that our food type is beginning to ease up. It appears much better than what was suggested in the first 4 days.

The vegetarians can have their brown rice during lunch. At this stage, the amount of uric acid in your body is expected to increase. Hence, you’ll need to increase your daily intake of water to 15 glasses in order to keep the uric acid concentration at a safe level

  • Day 6

On this day you can have any type of vegetable you wish. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can take what they took in day 5.

Just another day that allows high food intake. You can add boiled vegetables, not fried. Also, ensure that your salad dressings are relatively light.

As for those who are not vegetarians, they can go with 500mg skinless chickens as well as any type of vegetable.

  • Day 7

You’ve come to the last day of observing this food regime. You can have a single serving of brown rice coupled with any quantity of vegetables you need. To add to the nutritional value of your vegetable, you’re advised to take sugarless fruit juice after each meal or snack.

Congratulations! You should look slimmer by now because this is the end of the seven day GM meal plan.

Side Effects

The GM diet is known to contain very little amount of protein. This may lead to apparent aging on the side of the consumer. However, this should not discourage you from observing this meal plan because you can always start incorporating your normal diet as time goes on.


Guess you never saw your food regime in this light. Yes, most people have been astonished to find out that there is a weight loss program in the Philippines. The GM meal plan has become increasingly popular in the Philippines because of the way it is being applied. It is a weight loss program that comes with very little restriction. It is a perfect choice for filipinos when it comes to having your weight reduced. However, you’re advised to seek your doctor’s counsel before observing it. This is mostly advised so you can be on the safe side.


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