Best Detoxification Diet Plan in the Philippines


Detoxification (or detox for short) is becoming popular in recent years in many countries over the world. There are many detox methods. What is detox, what are the benefits of using detox and how to maximize the benefits of detox are the matters that not all of us may know? Let’s start with finding the answer to the question “What is Detoxification?”

We are all living in a polluted environment. We are facing climate pollution, water pollution, and smoking. Foods that we consume every day are not entirely fresh and secured. Many of them are convinced to being related to some harmful chemicals. Therefore, our health, our bodies are damaged gradually. As a result, the number of patients who have problems with a headache, high cholesterol, obesity, and immune system recorded increase substantially in recent years. It’s time for us to take care of our health. Detox is one of the solutions. Detox is a method used to make human body refresh. It helps to remove toxic substances from a living organism, which is mainly carried out by the liver. Detox is a way to make our bodies be repaired and then operate more healthily. Detox with natural ingredients will help to reduce severe impacts of above factors and contribute to strengthening our health.

How does detoxification work on weight loss?

There are several ways of detoxification. Each of them operates under the separate mechanism.

Firstly, short fasting detox. Detox removes toxins from blood going to the liver. As we all know all the toxins are all processed by the liver. Other organs of our body such as lymph nodes, skin, and kidneys lungs also have functions of removing toxins. It would be not a matter if all organs work well. But, in the case of any one of them has some problem, any of such organs doesn’t work well, they cannot help to remove toxins. Theoretically, you do not eat; your organs are not forced to operate to absorb the foods. Therefore, organs have time to refresh themselves. And detox can help to clear toxins by fasting in a short time.

Secondly, natural detox like doing physical exercise, taking a deep breathes. This is a way of keeping your body moving that is good for blood circulation. It is argued that through circulation, toxins are eliminated from the bloodstream.

Thirdly, diet detox plan. More and more people prefer this. By subject to a diet, we are not permitted to consume foods that are rich in caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and other components that are harmful to our health. So, we can keep our body cleansed and fresh.

How does detoxification can help you to lose weight?

It is obviously that detoxification has impacts on our body and therefore includes our health. But whether these impacts are positive or negative? Looking through some facts below and then decide for your selves.

Detox help to remove toxins and help refresh our body. Toxins, which are generated from environment pollution, preservatives, unsecured foods (foods using harmful chemical ingredients) are damaging to our immune system as well as our health. It is also one of the reasons causing some diseases related to heart, lungs and even brain. Detoxification is known as one of the ways to support the liver to eliminate common toxins.

Help to prevent some disease and enhance immune system function (as a result of the first impact: detox help to remove toxins). Our bodies have a natural system that is responsible for dealing with toxins (which are known as environmental toxins and cause of cancers, heart disease, neurological diseases), but in fact, that system is always overloaded. Detox is an active support to strengthen our natural system.

Slow aging progress. Detoxification helps to remove radicals and heavy metals which causing aging. By detox, we only absorb nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins that are good for our health and help our bodies fight oxidative stress.

Detoxification help to enhance our body’s systems. Detoxing is a tool used to reduce the workload of operation that our internal systems such as immune system, hormonal system, and digestive system have to take. Once being not overloaded with toxins and unhealthy foods, our internal systems will function well again.

Last but not least, detox can help us to lose weight. Detoxing will remove toxins that are stored in fat cells and increase metabolism. In next page, we will discuss more about the argument of how detoxification can help to lose weight.

Lose Weight with Detoxification?

Detox diet bases on the principle of cutting off calories by cutting foods such as dairy products, meat, and wheat-based foods. With detox diet, you absorb lower calories, lower carbs. This help to lose weight. However, the amount of weight loss depend on the severity of the dietary restriction – the more strictly foods you are banned from consuming, the more weight loss you can expect to get.

How to detoxify your body?

It seems that detoxification is an effective tool for us when we want to refresh our body, to prevent some diseases, and even to get weight loss. But is any detox method, any detox plan also effective and suitable to all of us. There are some suggestions for you.

3-day detox diet plan

When you decide to apply a detox diet plan, it means that you have to subject to a strictly dietary. Organs in your body have a big change. Therefore, it would be better if you could prepare yourself before taking 3-day detox plan in order to make your body ready. Some of these preparations are cutting out sugar, alcohol from daily consuming; limiting amount of wheat absorption, drinking more water – up to 2 liters per day.

Three days is not a long period, so you can to cut out all kind of meat, fish from your daily meals. All that you can have for your meals are juices, soups, and vegetables. Your body can adapt this change quite smoothly. To keep you not to be hungry, you should have 2 snacks between breakfast and lunch, lunch, and dinner. Remember to start your day with a glass of limejuice.

When you get familiar with this 3-day diet plan, you may think of a longer diet plan.

7-day detox plan

According to Mim Beim (, the purpose of detox is to make organs (like the liver, kidneys, and bowel) in your body have the chance to rest so that they can improve their performance. As well as 3-day detox plan, 7-day detox plan also is designed on the fundamental of avoiding foods like milk products, sugar, grains (wheat, barley, oats, rice); avoiding cigarettes, coffee. You are recommended to take the foods include fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh fish or canned fish in water of olive oil, olive oil, raw unsalted almonds, macadamias, and cashews. Drinking 1 to 3 liters of water per day is a suggestion. You can take some kinds of tea for better flavor. And taking a glass of limejuice is still a good start for your day.

One reminds for you when adapting 7-day detox plan is do not detox if you are expecting, have high blood pressure or underweight.

10-day detox plan

10-day detox plan concentrates on what foods you should eat and what foods you are banned from consuming but for a longer period. But why it is 10 days? Because it is said that the 10-day detoxification could be a reasonable for you to see the real benefits of detoxification. So you can decide whether you want to make a change or not.

Whether you take 3 days, 7 days or 10 days detox plan, it is sure that you will feel healthier; your internal systems operate more properly to remove toxins. However, it is better if you can take one of these plans together with doing some physical exercises such as jogging, deep breathing.

Possible side effects when detoxing

Detox help to remove toxins from our body and therefore detoxification has many positive impacts on our health. Are there any disadvantages of detoxification? Due to reducing the large amount of calories being consumed quickly, our body cannot adapt the change. We will feel tired and we may get sick. It is because detox requires to cut out meat from our daily meals while meat and other meat related products are a source of providing protein. Lack of protein can lead to weakness and muscle wasting. Detox may cause nutritional deficiencies because it requires some nutrition foods. Therefore, detox is not suitable for children, pregnant women and other who are suffering from ailments.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, despite some disadvantages still remain; detox diet plan is now become more and more familiar with many of us due to its positive effects on our health as well as to our effort of losing weight. However, to get the best benefits of detoxing, it is better for all of us to find the right detox plan and start it when our body is ready. And it is also good for us if we can have some advice from our doctor before embarking on the diet if we are under any medical condition.

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