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Delicious Diet and Healthy food Plan in the Philippines

Delicious diets can come in two ways, that this is either they are healthy or not. Nevertheless, this has not been a view of so many people. It is unfortunate that most people already assume that for food to be truly healthy it has to lack every feature that can make it delicious. It’s only […]

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Mediterranean diet Meal plan

If you are tired of the daily-advertised diet pills and supplements and just want to lose weight naturally, Mediterranean is here for you. You lose weight by eating foods that can easily be found in a marketplace. Mediterranean diet plan In 1960, researchers noticed that people living in Italy, Greece, and Spain were always in […]

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Cohen Diet Plan Review

Who is Dr. Cohen? Dr. Cohen is a researcher and scientist. While helping couples conceive, he realized one of the problems of infertility is too much weight, this led him to conduct a research that would enable people loose weight by using food, that’s how the idea of Cohan diet plan came into existence. What […]

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